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Old Feb 07, 2002, 06:00 AM
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Member posted 10-04-2001 12:13 PM
hi all,
ok i have a major problem with getting my "lite on 24102b" to work.

i installed the drive as master on ide2 (set jumper to master).

i then powered up my pc and got nothing what so ever. i only got a black screen, no bios, no post, just the power light on the drive stayed on.

after messing around testing IDE cables and power etc i gave up.

I rang "lite on" in the netherlands and explained the situation and they told me it sound like a duff unit.

ok, i returned it and have just received a replacement.

guess what ? yep exactly the same problem.

i have a "microstar6178 v1:1" m/b, the latest AWD bios, p3 800mhz, 256mb, 27gb HD, win98se, voodoo5500 pci.

i dont think it is a power problem as i have powered my pc up with the IDE cable removed and the drive power/tray etc works fine.

so can anyone explain why when i connect the IDE cable will my pc will not boot ?

this is driving me crazy. (ive got loads of burning to do and no burner )

thanks in advance

Member posted 10-04-2001 12:44 PM
Have you had anything else installed in the secondary port, it may be IDE2 that is the problem, try fitting it in the primary with HDD and take out your cdrom, then try your cdrom in the secondary my guess is that the cdrom will do the same thing. But you may already of done it

Member posted 10-04-2001 01:03 PM
hi m8,
i tried the liteon drive as slave to my HD but got the same result.

also swaped IDE cables from 1 and 2 to make sure the cable wasnt the problem.

i only have HD on IDE1 master and "lite-on 24102b" as IDE2 master.

originally had samsung 304b combi drive as slave IDE2 and standard CDrom as master.
(that worked fine)

But now just wanting to run "liteon" drive on IDE2 on its own !

this is very weird.


ps/ can someone post the exact procedure for removing old drive and replacing new one.

just incase i have missed something !

Member posted 10-04-2001 01:42 PM
remove your burner and reboot in safe mode and delete your cd/burner drives/reboot with no cdrom or burner//if ok then install your burner, burn two cds and call me in the morning

Member posted 10-04-2001 05:08 PM
booted into safe mode, removed reference to my old drive, restarted pc, all fine.

powered down.

put "lite on" back into bay.

powered on.



liteon + ide = pc boots
liteon + power = pc boots
liteon + ide + power = **** all !

anyone else got any ideas/suggestions for me to try before i smash my pc with a big ****in hammer

Member posted 10-04-2001 06:13 PM
OK//I think you still have a bad burner//someone else on this forum had a similar problem.
This will answer it all//Does your cdrom install and work fine=if so then get another brand burner//they might have had a bad batch

step#2 If your cdrom does the same thing then you may have a bad mobo?????? Or a corrupted HD//If your cable is good//ohm meter it or r&r.

Had a HD once that Did all sorts of strange things and convinced me it was the MOBO//Turned out the HD was filled with garbage which a format fixed fine.

[This message has been edited by EARLTHEPEARL (edited 10-04-2001).]

Member posted 10-04-2001 08:00 PM
my samsung304b combi drive works fine (although the laser is a bit tired after one too many burns).
my standard CDrom drive works fine.

my pc works fine with or without my sammy+standard cdrom drive.

i will try the HD format after i have tested the "lite on" in my pc at work.

i use "drive image" so restoring my system wont be a problem if the format doesnt sort the situation.

dont you think that my bios might not be new enough to handle this drive ?

are there any settings in bios that i should look out for ?


Member posted 10-04-2001 08:23 PM
The 24x is a newer drive than 98 2nd//Have you updated all the files from MSN. Catch 22=since you don't have it installed, MSN may not sence that you need it for a download update//can't get there from here//
Still//it should just not recognise it not lock up your computer// I think the drive is messed up!!!! Is it possible you have the cable upside down????????????????????

Member posted 10-04-2001 09:00 PM
the cable being upside down is a likely as "lite-on" fitting the IDE socket upside down on the drive.
i might just send the damn drive back and get another samsung drive (as least i know they work with my pc).

thanks 4 the help m8.

Junior Member posted 10-04-2001 10:21 PM
I dont know if this'll be useful, but just to identify the problem, try the burner into another PC!
If still happens, then the burner IS the problem.
Otherwise try to swap components in order to identify the problem.
Did u change the jumper to secondary slave when you putted the secondary master on the Liteon?
Good luck!

Member posted 10-04-2001 10:45 PM
just a thought I have seen some of the new MSI Athlon boards, I know yours is a P3, have trouble with new ide devices unless you first do an "autodetect ide drives" in the bios.

Member posted 10-05-2001 06:06 AM
It sounds to me as if the motherboard is detecting a bad voltage somewhere and that is why the PC isn't POSTing. It may not be the fault of the drive, some combinations of devices just don't like each other. I had the same problem with an HP 8x SCSI a while back. I was fortunate enough to just swap my CD writers around between my PCs but you need to check the drive in another PC before you condemn it.

Junior Member posted 10-05-2001 07:18 AM
I've just purchased the Liteon 24x and I had a similar problem. I fixed it by removing the audio cable..!!! Sounds strange but everything worked fine after that.

Member posted 10-05-2001 08:11 AM
thanks for all the help !
i am going to try the burner in a different pc on saturday. i put the lite-on on IDE2 on its own and set jumper to master (on rear of unit), i tried the drive on the centre ide and end ide socket. (not got any other drives connected).


the bios is set to "autodetect ide"

Im going to try the drive in another pc on saturday.


i havent got the audio cable connected.

I have been looked at the microsoft drivers site and i have found some new drivers for my onboard chip set (intel 810). The drivers are "Ultra ATA storage drivers" ?

might this help ?!

When updating the onboard chip set drivers would the bios detect the new drivers ?

or would this only happed after getting into windows ?

thanks again


Member posted 10-05-2001 07:56 PM
Hey had the same problem with a differnt burner wouldn't work as slave or master. But i have the liteon 24x and it works fine mine is on the secondary master and just got a liteon 16x dvd and it is the slave they work fine but i have them both set on the back of each unit to cable select so the pc will auto detect them both other wise when i try to set one as master and the other as slave they won't let the pc boot at all like you said. But when i put both on as cable select they were auto detected and work fine so maybe try the cable select setting on the drive aslo are you using anything else on the ide channel?

Member posted 10-05-2001 08:47 PM
nothing else on my IDE2 m8, just trying to get the lite-on drive to work
i have emailed "lite-on" to see if they know of any problems.

i have also emailed my motherboard makers (microstar) to see if they know why, and i have also emailed "award" to see if they have a new bios.

im going to test the unit in my pc at work on saturday afternoon !

if it works i dont know what to do !

if it doesnt work (which i hope) then i know its not my pc at fault !

cheers for all the help !

Member posted 10-06-2001 06:03 AM
You have an e-mail address for LITEONIT??????????????????????? Please share!!!!!!!!!!!! Still think you have a bad unit or an upside down cable!!!

Member posted 10-06-2001 10:49 AM
Well i went and bought an ATA66 IDE cable and that didnt work either.
Earlier today i went into work and tested the drive on my pc.

guess what !!

the damn thing worked !

i cleared my CMOS, tried again...nothing.

i flashed my bios with my old bios,.....pc would not work !

i flashed my bios with my new bios.....pc works again but "lite-on" drive still wont let my pc boot !

i then made a boot disk, removed my HD and tried to boot with just floppy & cdrom support !

guess what .... nothing, same thing as always...power light on "lite-on" stays lit, bios wont boot, no post, no nothing. just a black screen !

iam now totally stuck. i have tried everything !


that was the email addy i was given by "".

however, they have not replied to my mail

Member posted 10-06-2001 11:22 AM
Yeah I think you'll just have to give this one up. There's nothing wrong with your mobo or the LiteOn, they just don't like each other
You'll just have to buy a new CDR or mobo I'm afraid

Junior Member posted 10-08-2001 04:56 PM
I had the same problem when i installed the Liteon 24012b in my computer (ABIT KT7,thunderbird800) thought I`d dislodged a cable or something but no. Out of frustration switched the power switch at the back on and off-guess what its worked fine ever since- no I`ve no idea why this worked but might help (computers eh!!!)

Member posted 10-09-2001 07:02 AM
So Space Monkey//What did you do?? Get a new computer or a different burner?
One of the other posts had a corrupt OS. They loaded a new OS and everything worked fine.
[This message has been edited by EARLTHEPEARL (edited 10-09-2001).]

Member posted 10-09-2001 01:12 PM
I have send the bloody drive back !

i am getting the new "plextor 241040" instead

hopefully i wont have the same problems this time.

It wasnt worth reinstalling my OS as my pc wasnt even getting into or past the bios !

If my pc was booting but the drive not working then i would have formatted and reinstalled 98se. As my pc did nothing what so ever with the drive connected i decided enough was enough and just sent it back.

I eventually got a mail from "MSI" and they said.....


Good Day!

It might be an incompatible issue with the CDRW drive.

Thank you


So "microstar international" are as helpfull as ever !

I knew there was a problem !, i was hoping they could supply a solution. ******s


[This message has been edited by spacemonkey15 (edited 10-09-2001).]

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