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Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:17 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
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Default DC FAQ

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================================================== ========================================
===============[b] WELCOME[/b]=============================================
==================[b] TO THE[/b]=============================================
==============[b] NEW DC FAQ[/b]=============================================

[b]First i'd like to start off by telling you that if this is your first time here, there are a few things you should know:[/b]

[b]1)[/b]you [b]can not[/b] copy [b]original[/b] dreamcast games just by putting them in your cdrom and trying to copy them to your hard drive.

what you will get is three text files which mean nothing.

[b]2)[/b]you [b]can not[/b] use discjuggler, blindread,nero,hot burn,clone cd, or any other [b]burning software[/b] to copy dreamcast originals.

what you get are shinny name brand coasters that don't last long once exposed to heat or moister.or mini frisbees.

[b]3)[/b]there are currently only 3 ways to rip or back up dreamcast games. and they are:

a)the broad band adapter method of ripping the game. requires connecting the dc to your pc through the broadband adapter and knowledge of downsampling audio,fmv among other things.

b)the pc to serial cable. requires connecting the dc to your pc through the serial cable. long and lengthy but in the end you need the same knowledge of downsampling audio and fmv as mentioned above.

3)downloading the game files from the net and then burning them.[b](don't ask where!)[/b]

anyone who has told you that ripping the dc was as easy as the playstation was just lying to you! [b]TRUST US! WE'VE DONE OUR HOMEWORK![/b]

There are a number of wayS to burn dc games, since you are new i will give you the basics in short.
[i]***NOTE***[/i] [b]i myself,[/b] have no idea how to use the broadband adapter or pc serail link to rip dc games. i beleive that it is just far more easy to download them and burn. i have [b]absolutely no[/b] intrest in ripping.

[b]programs you will need:[/b]

discjuggler ver.3(or later)
the echelon selfboot tutorial
fire burner
boot disc image (i recomend that you start with this)
[URL=***********]you can find all of these here[/URL](except discjuggler found [URL=***********]here[/URL])
And Autodummy 1.1beta3 [URL=********]here[/URL]
[b]you will also need the latest aspi drivers updates for your burner.[/b]
[URL=***********]===>update here<===[/URL] or use the [URL=********]===> jinxter generic driver <===[/URL]

fisrt things first: download the dc g*me files(i can't tell you where but use your favorite search engine to start or our [URL=***********]iso folder[/URL].

the g*mes are in 19mb files except the last file of the game which can be any size under 19mb...some files are even smaller but the rule of thumb is that the last file that you need will be smaller. if you find a g#me that you want to download and aren't sure how many files you need then check here: [URL=***********]iso news[/URL] search for the game name and the nfo files will tell you who ripped the games and how many files there should be.

once you have all of the game files then it's time to unrar them using winrar. open winrar and got to the folder that you downloaded the game siles in using winrars drop down bar and select all of the click on extract. winrar will ask for the destination to extract the games files to(i recomend creating a seperate folder to extract to) the game files will either extract in [b]bin and cue[/b] form or in [b]cdi[/b] form.

to burn bin and cue files you would start up cdrwin and select the record disc option,click on load cue sheet and select the cue file that you extracted. burn at 4x or lower to assure you won't get a coaster.[b](this game will require a boot disc unless you use the echelon selfboot tutorial to amke it selfboot or bin2boot)[/b]

if winrar extracts a [b]cdi[/b]: then this is by far the easiest to burn. open disc juggler and select cdimage to cd recorder.
there is two cd's in the following window, your recorder should show up in the address line of the second and in the top on should be on the top cd(icon of a cd on a peice of paper) and select the cdi from the folder you extracted it to.the only settings you need to change would be the write speed (the cdi tells dj the other settings neded for the burn) burn a 4x or lower to insure a proper burn..... wait till the disc pops out and then play.

[b]Pics and and guide provided by :[/b]

[URL=********]<==== click here for more information on unraring DC g*me files====>[/URL]

[URL=********]<====click here for information on raring up cdi's of bin and cue files using winrar ====>[/URL]

[URL=********]<====click here for a guide to using newsgroups with powerpost 2000 as the example====>[/URL]
if you have problems using disc juggler, you can use [URL=********][b]cdi2nero[/b][/URL] to conver the cdi to an nrg that nero can burn.

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Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:20 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
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Adding VGA compatability and other settings to games:

This is a pretty simple process and simply involves getting one of the utilities included in the selfboot kit. One of the folders unpacked from the selfboot kit contains a program called IPBIN4WIN. This allows you to edit or create an IP.BIN file for your game that specifies some of the settings at boot. To use it rip the files off the game you want to edit. Open the IP.BIN file from that game in IPBIN4WIN (turn off read only on that file so you can save over it) and put a check in the box marked VGA Box. You can also add support for different regions (not a frequency modifier) and change some settings around (name the distributor after your dog or rename the game to whatever you like). Save this IP.BIN and hack it in as the selfboot kit would have you do normally. If the game does not come with an ip.bin, you can try and rip the ip.bin off of your current CD with CDRWIN.

NOTE: I have never gotten this to work and attribute that to my CD drive, others have gotten it to work though. Choose Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors, and choose to select sectors. Now you must remember the LBA you used to burn the game (if you didn't change it it is probably 11700, if it's not that likely 11702, for games with CDDA you will have to find it yourself). Starting with that LBA rip the next 16 sectors (ie 11700 to 11715) and save it as IP.BIN. Try opening it with IPBIN4WIN, if it opens successfully edit and use it as the self boot kit details.

You can also try simply opening IPBIN4WIN and clicking the appropriate boxes and typing in the appropriate info then saving it as IP.BIN, I have only tried this twice but it worked both times.

Either way make the ISO and burn your game, it should now successfully boot on a VGA box.

NOTE: VGA boxes (at least the 3 I have owned) do not seem to send a VGA signal but rather a VESA signal. Make sure your monitor supports VESA or it may not suppor the VGA box (I have 2 that don't) and some games may force a frequency that will be outside a VESA compliant monitors range. This would cause your game to be entirely non-VGA compatable.

Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:26 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

provided by: [b]VEL[/b]
==========[b]START BUTTON GREYED-OUT[/b]===========
==========[b]ON DISCJUGGLER VER 3[/b]========

There appears to be a general problem with the start button being [b]"greyd-out"[/b] in discjuggler ver3. here is [b]VEL'S[/b] solution around that problem.::

Originally posted by vel:
[b]Howabout for people saying they have general problems with the start button in Dj3 not popping, you write in what i have told people time and time again that seems to somehow work, especially for those with hp8250i writers: Install nero, then cdrwin, then DJ. That usually works.[/b]

thnx [b]vel[/b] for your contribution!
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:27 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

There are many ways [b]now[/b] to make all of your [b]non-booting[/b](needs boot disc to laod in the dreamcast) games [b]selfbooting[/b](pop it in and play)

MY favorite==>[URL=********]bin2boot direct download and program provided by [b]XEAL[/b][/URL]

bin2boot : creates a selbooting cdi that you use discjuggler 3 to burn

[i]i won't try to re-do the readme.txt that comes with bin2boot, after all who could explain the program better than the programmer?[/i] but i hope to make this as simple as possible in my own words, how i use the bin2boot program.

start off by making a folder where you will keep all of your dc programs([i]with all of the different programs, i feel it's nice to have everything situated where you can find it easily and not have to have your desktop cluttered with open windows[/i])

unzip the bin2boot.exe into that folder. once you ahve the game files unrared and you have your bin and cue file there are two ways you can use bin2boot.

1)drag the bin file onto the bin2boot.exe([i]the program will start and proceed to make the cdi

2)you can open up a dos prompt and type in : (* = 1space)

cd*c:\...........whatever directory your folder is in
(e.g. cd*C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\BIN&CUE)

you will then be in the directory where the bin2boot.exe is located. next type the following command:

bin2boot*(name of the cue file).cue
(kal-mgf.cue= kalisto magforce
cue sheet)

*note*this command line should be used on games that have an unpack with wav files along with the bin and cue file.

=====================errors in bin2boot======================
================================================== =============

while using bin2boot you may encounter the following error:[i][b]"a record for the ip.bin cannot be found"[/b][i]

[i][b]"would you like to make an ip.bin"[/b][i]
"y" or "n"

well the answer if you haven't guess already is "y" for yes.

[i][b]"what is the name of the binary?(usualy 1ST_READ.BIN)[/b][I]


after that a selfbooting cdi will be created for you to burn and enjoy.

**note:** (1st_read.bin may not be the name of the boot file. to find the name of the boot file you will need to either hack the files out of the bin or have already burned the game to a disc using cdrwin or fireburner.)

*************** if you use method 1) your cdi is defaultly placed in the root of your c drive**************************
************************************************** ************************
if you used method 2) the cdi is placed in the directory of the bin2boot.exe************************************** **********************
************************************************** *******************************
[i]this breif faq is not meant to replace the readme file that comes with bin2boot[/i] by XEAL it is merely put into the simplest terms i can think of to help "newbies"

****remamber this is an on going project to replaced our old dc faq******

Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:28 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

[b]Tutorial on patching by Raz:[/b]

1)After unraring your game, you will most likely either have a:

b).bin + .cue

I will use the example of shenmue.

2)I have 3 files - kal-smu.cdi kal-smufix.ppf & applyppf.exe.

3)Unzip/rar all files to one directory.
4)Open command prompt by choosing START->RUN->COMMAND
5)type applyppf kal-smu.cdi kal-smufix.ppf


Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:29 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

[b]Using FTPs by Raz:[/b]

1)Install an FTP client. I would recommend smartftp - [URL=***********]Download from here[/URL]
2)Open smartftp.
3)In the top section type the adress of the host - usually the IP adress.
4)Usually select anonymous access for public FTPs.
5)Press enter.
6)The FTP can be browsed in a similar way to windows explorer.
7)Once the target file(s) have been selected by CTRL + Left click, right click and select download folder.
8)Wait for the download to finish.

[i]"trust me if you ever violate my space **** a fat lip, ill leave you with a ****ing fat face!"
[b]Busta Rhymes[/b]

added by TREFACTOR;

to [b]upload[/b] there is a computer icon under the address bar, click on it and your local(widows explorer)folder will open. you can arrange the two different windows side by side or top to bottom.(i recommend side by side)on the left will be your your folders, on the right the servers folders. get to the folder that contains the files that you want to upload.if you would like toupload the whole folder simply drag the folder from your local browser to the servers folder ***[b]note*** [i]i recomend that you only upload fills(missing game files) or whole games, there is usulay an upload folder and some text requesting or telling you what is needed, take into consideration the speed that you can d/l from the server as your upload speed won't be any better***
if uppin single files then the process is the same.

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