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Old Jan 11, 2003, 09:11 AM
Plummy Plummy is offline
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Default Can you lock your upgraded HD on a v1.1? If so How?

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I've read the post but some say you can and some say you can't and none of them tell you how . Is it the same as v1? Hope someone can clear this up.

Any help appreciated.
Old Jan 11, 2003, 09:22 AM
wraper wraper is offline
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Locking the drive

Start by making sure that you can access the Xbox via your Network. Also be sure that you have a working bootable DVD/CD-RW that you can using to access the Xbox if you make a mistake.

If you ever accidentally make a mistake in renaming a file or in the evox.ini file you’ll need this disk to recover from problems.

You should also have a full backup of the C: & E: partitions of the Xbox’s hard drive for safety.

I can’t stress this enough! Burn it to CD and put it away.

Since the new password file for the hard drive will be written to the same folder Evolution-X is initially run from, Evolution-X itself must be booted from the hard drive. You cannot use DVD/CD-RW.

With Evolution-X installed, select the “Backup” command from the menu. You will see a sideways smiley face to let you know that the files were created in C:\Backup.

Use FlashXP to copy over the C:\Backup\hddinfo.txt file to your PC and print it out. You’ll need the hardcopy later.

The file will look something like this:

Disk Serial Number : "WD-WMA8C1313646"
Disk Serial Number : "WDC WD1200JB-00CRA0"
HDD Key : 65:fd:29:ca:25:4d:78:cb

On the page you printed write down the HDD Key numbers in this format:


omitting the zeros and the colons. This is the actual password that the Xbox will use to unlock the drive, and that you need to utilize to lock it with.

Shut off your Xbox, unplug it and remove the hard drive from the machine carefully. You should already know how to do this.

The drives arrive from the factory jumpered for “cable select”. Make a note of how your working drive is currently jumpered as you need to restore the Berg jumpers back to the same settings.

On your PC create a DOS floppy boot disk, preferably using Windows 9x or below. Make sure that there are no IDE/CD or SCSI drivers installed and that Himem.sys and any other memory managers are not on the floppy.

Copy the following files to the floppy.


There should be ample space left over for text files on the floppy when you are done.

Connect the drive you removed from the Xbox to your PC’s PRIMARY IDE channel. You may want to remove your existing drive from the IDE cable for safety.

If you have no other drives on the primary channel cable, jumper the Xbox drive to be “only drive” or “no other drives present”. If you do have another drive on the IDE cable jumper your new drive to be either MASTER/with slave present, or Slave accordingly.

Don’t forget to provide power to the drive.

With the drive installed boot your PC up from the floppy you created.


At the DOS prompt type ATAPWD.EXE

You will see a nice screen listing the detected drives on your system. At the far right you will see a column with the heading:


Under each letter you will see either a plus sign “+” or a minus sign “-“.

Verify that the “S” has a plus sign under it and that the ALL of the other entries are minus signs. If you see a plus sign under the “F” this normally indicates that your drive arrived “frozen” from the factory and it cannot be modified. This is extremely RARE.

If you only see a single minus sign under the “S” and nothing else, then your hard drive does not fully support the ATA command set. E.G. it is not an ATA66 or better hard drive and is too old to use.

Any other combinations indicate that your motherboard may not be communicating with the drive properly and you may need to perform this procedure on another computer.

Exit out of the ATAPWD program and return to the DOS prompt.


At the DOS prompt type HDLOCK.EXE

The detected drives will be listed.

Select your Xbox hard drive by pressing 1 or 2 accordingly.

You will be asked for the PASSWORD to use to lock the drive.

Enter the password in the format you wrote down before. Double and triple check your work before you hit the enter key.

In this case I would enter:


Note that it –IS- case sensitive and you should be using all lower case.

Also if you make a mistake DO NOT try again, read below.

If the drive accepted the lock command, you will receive an acknowledgement and will be returned to the DOS prompt.

If it failed you will either see a “drive not ready” message or “command not accepted” or something similar as I do not remember the exact error message.

In any case DO NOT run this program again. Each time the program runs it creates a new text file called hddpw.txt on the floppy. This contains the password that the program thinks you entered.

Copy or rename this file before attempting to run the program again!!!

After locking the drive you can run ATAPWD again and verify the “USER LOCK” status. Normally the E and/or L will show a plus sign if properly done.

Note: This procedure seems to be very picky about the motherboard, bios and version of DOS you use. I have been unable to get it to work on some Intel 850 and 845 Pentium 4 motherboards, while others report success.

I ended up resorting to utilizing an old Gigabyte 440BX motherboard before I observed the correct results.

PRINT OUT the locking password and TAPE it to the drive for safety (just do not cover any air holes or you will ruin your drive).


Remove the drive from the PC and put your computer back together.

Jumper the new drive back to CABLE SELECT and re-install it into the Xbox.

Verify that your Xbox boots with the mod chip after locking. If it does you should actually be ok.

Verify that the default Microsoft dashboard is named xboxdash.xbe and switch off your mod chip or restart the Xbox using the eject button.

Your Xbox should boot up to the Microsoft dashboard while utilizing the OEM bios now.

Congratulations you’ve fooled the security mechanism
Old Jan 11, 2003, 09:27 AM
Plummy Plummy is offline
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Location: United Kingdom
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This works with v1.1??
Old Jan 11, 2003, 09:31 AM
wraper wraper is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 157

As far as i know - i'm going to try it this weekend so i'll be able to tell you for definate.

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