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Old Jul 09, 2002, 10:46 AM
Fortknox Fortknox is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
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Default TOC Size

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Like this, you know everything !
Old Jul 09, 2002, 11:24 AM
prospeCt prospeCt is offline
Join Date: Aug 2001
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A USA toc list would be nice.
Old Jul 10, 2002, 12:42 AM
blinker4182 blinker4182 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: California
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anybody know where that would be located? there has to be one out there.
Old Jul 10, 2002, 02:43 AM
mamughal mamughal is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2002
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Hope this helps Jap, Usa and UK games

4.37GB PAL DMC Demo
4.37GB PAL Time Crisis 2
4.36GB PAL PSM Special Edition Player's Guide: Playstation 2 Greatest Hits Volume 3
4.35GB PAL Dead or Alive 2
4.35GB PAL Disney's Jungle Book Groove Party
4.35GB NTSC DOA 2 Hardcore
4.34GB NTSC State of Emergency
4.34GB PAL State of Emergency
4.33GB NTSC Soul Reaver 2
4.32GB NTSC Silent Hill 2
4.31GB NTSC Eternal Ring
4.31GB PAL 7 Blades
4.30GB NTSC Metal Gear Solid 2
4.23GB NTSC Mobile Suite Gundam
4.23GB NTSC Kessen
4.21GB PAL Kessen
4.21GB NTSC Parappa The Rapper 2
4.21GB PAL Parappa The Rapper
4.18GB NTSC Rayman Revolution
4.18GB PAL Rayman Revolution
4.17GB NTSC Motor Mayhem
4.17GB PAL Airblade
4.16GB PAL Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare
4.10GB PAL The Bouncer
4.08GB PAL Fur Fighters
4.08GB NTSC PSX Mag Demo Disk Issue #49
4.07GB NTSC Kessen 2
4.07GB NTSC Max Payne
4.02GB PAL Max Payne
4.02GB PAL FIFA 2k2
4.01GB PAL Shadow of memories
3.96GB NTSC Stuntman
3.93GB PAL Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2nd Edit
3.87GB NTSC Burnout
3.87GB JAP Parappa the Rapper 2
3.85 GB USA Blood Omen 2
3.85GB PAL Burnout
3.79GB NTSC Space Ace
3.76GB NTSC Onimushi Warlords
3.74 GB JAP Onimushi Warlords 2
3.71GB PAL Resident Evil Code Veronica X
3.70GB PAL Medal Of Honor:Frontline
3.61GB JAP GT Concept Tokyo 2k1
3.61GB NTSC Test Drive
3.56GB NTSC PSX U/ground : Jampack : Winter 2001
3.54GB NTSC Evergrace
3.53GB NTSC Twisted metal Black
3.52GB NTSC Armoured Core 2 - Another Age
3.52GB PAL Armoured Core 2
3.48GB NTSC Baulders Gate - Dark Alliance
3.47GB NTSC Forever Kingdom
3.43GB PAL GT3
3.37GB NTSC Jade Cocoon 2
3.37GB PAL Silent Hill 2
3.36GB JAP Slient Hill 2
3.31GB JAP Ace Combat 4
3.31GB NTSC Ace Combat 4
3.30GB PAL Extermination
3.30GB NTSC Armored Core 2
3.13GB NTSC Medal of Honor - FrontLine
3.08GB NTSC Mad Dog Mcree
3.03GB PAL Official Aus PS MAG Issue #12
2.98GB NTSC Driven
2.89GB NTSC PSX U/ground Jampack
2.88GB NTSC Shadow Hearts
2.87GB PAL Monstors Inc.
2.86GB NTSC PSX U/ground Holiday 2001
2.85GB PAL Portal Runner
2.83GB NTSC Portal Runner
2.73GB NTSC The Bouncer
2.70GB NTSC SSX Tricky
2.68GB NTSC NFL 2k2
2.68GB NTSC Paris Dakar Rally
2.68GB PAL Paris Dakar Rally
2.66 GB USA Gitaroo Man
2.63GB NTSC WWK Smackdown - Just Bring it
2.63GB PAL WWK Smackdown - Just Bring it
2.53GB PAL World Rally Championship
2.51 GB JAP Wild Arms Advanced 3rd
2.48GB PAL Sky Odyssey
2.48GB NTSC Unison Rebels of Rythmn & Dance
2.48GB NTSC Shaun Palmers Pro Snowbaording
2.32GB NTSC Simpsons Road Rage
2.31GB PAL Simpsons Road Rage
2.30GB NTSC Pirates - The Legend of Black Kat
2.27GB NTSC Salt Lake 2k2
2.24GB NTSC ESPN X-Games Snowboarding 2k2
2.21GB PAL Wipeout Fusion
2.15GB NTSC Tekken 4
2.15GB PAL Ecco the Dolphin
2.13GB NTSC Sky Odyssey
2.11GB PAL Cart Fury Championship Racing
2.05GB PAL Onimusha Warlords
2.05GB PAL Hidden Invasion
2.05GB PAL Splashdown
2.03GB PAL This is Football 2k2
2.02GB NTSC Splashdown
2.00GB NTSC Dynasty Warriors 3
1.93GB NTSC Gundam Mobile Suit Zeonic Front
1.92GB NTSC Gundam Journey to Jaburo
1.92GB PAL Kuri Kuri Mix
1.91GB NTSC Extermination
1.90GB PAL Dropship
1.89GB PAL Spy Hunter
1.89GB JAP Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2
1.89GB PAL Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2
1.81GB NTSC Spy Hunter
1.80GB NTSC Victorious Boxers
1.79GB NTSC Fantavision
1.78GB NTSC Cart Fury Championship Racing
1.77GB PAL Victorious Boxers - Ippos Road to Glory
1.75GB NTSC Resident Evil Code Veronica X
1.74GB JAP Bio Hazzard Code Veronica X
1.73GB NTSC Drakan
1.73GB NTSC NBA 2k2
1.73GB NTSC Nascar Heat 2k2
1.71GB NTSC Red Faction
1.71GB PAL Red Faction
1.71GB NTSC Nascar heat 2k1
1.70GB NTSC ESPN Winter Games Snowboarding
1.68GB PAL Disneys Dinosaur
1.67GB NTSC Escape From Monkey Island
1.67GB NTSC Dark Cloud
1.63GB NTSC Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force
1.60GB PAL Escape From Monkey Island
1.58GB NTSC Project Eden
1.52GB PAL WDL-War Jetz
1.51GB NTSC James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire
1.46GB NTSC Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
1.46GB NTSC Smugglers Run 2
1.46GB NTSC NFL Gameday
1.42GB NTSC PSX U/ground Demo Disk Ver 2.3
1.40GB PAL WDL - Thunder Tanks
1.38GB NTSC Ephemeral Phantasy
1.36GB NTSC NFL Blitz 2k2
1.35GB NTSC Jak & Daxter - The Precursor Legacy
1.34GB NTSC Orphen: Scion of Sorcery
1.29GB NTSC F1 2k1
1.28 GB USA Deus Ex
1.21GB NTSC Klonoa 2
1.18GB NTSC Draken The Ancient Gate
1.18GB NTSC Grandia 2
1.15GB PAL Summoner
1.14GB NTSC Summoner
1.10GB NTSC Gadget Racers
1.07GB NTSC Heroes of Might and Magic
1.07GB NTSC Monster Rancher 3
1.04GB PAL The Weakest Link
1.03GB NTSC Tiger Woods 2002
1.00GB NTSC Shadow of Destiny
0.99GB PAL Thunderhawk Operation Pheonix
0.99GB PAL World Champion Snooker 2k2
0.99GB NTSC Vampire Night
0.97GB PAL ATV Off Road Fury
0.93GB PAL Giants Citizen Kabuto
0.89GB NTSC Kinetica
0.89GB PAL Rayman M
0.84GB NTSC ATV Off Road Fury
0.79GB PAL MX Rider
0.78GB NTSC Tarzan Untamed
0.73GB NTSC Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition
0.71GB NTSC The Mummy Returns
0.68GB NTSC Batman Vengance

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