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Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:30 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
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[b]DirectConnect Made Easy by WickedJuggaloz[/b]

Okay, I see alot of people having problems figuring out how to use DirectConnect so I thought I would make this little guide to help everyone out.

First, think of DirectConnect like Napster. Is is so simple to use that within 5 minutes you will be getting fills and even whole games. Of course you need to get the program so visit [URL=***********]***********[/URL] and download the newest version.

Once installed you are then prompted to enter a username, email address and connection speed. You then want to fill in where provided what types of files you are sharing. If you are just sharing Dreamcast then you can enter the names of the games in there. Next you want to click on the FILE TRANSFER tab and select what directories you want to share and where you want downloaded files to go. You can also select the number of slots you want open (this is how many different people can download from you at any given time). IMPORTANT ... if you are running a firewall you will want to click on the CONNECTION tab and select PASSIVE MODE instead of ACTIVE MODE. You can leave it in ACTIVE MODE if you want but you may have to shut down your firewall to allow any search results to come through. Click on OK and then YES on the disclaimer.

Okay, now we are ready to download some files. Automatically the Connect box should pop up with three folders ... FAVORITES, PUBLIC and RECENT. To start click on PUBLIC and it will display all active hubs with the most populated hub being at the top. Now since this is a Dreamcast forum we will just be concerned with the Dreamcast hubs. Find a decently populated Dreamcast hub and double left click on the hub name to join it. Now that you are in a hub what you can do to different things. You can look at the list of all the people in the hub on the right and when you find someone you want to "connect" with and share files just double left click on their name. Now here is where everyone becomes confused and think it isn't working. If a connection window doesn't open within 20 seconds it meant they don't have any slots open and just try someone else. Sooner or later you will connect with someone and be able to download their files. HINT - at the bottom of the screen click on the DOWNLOADS tab then if you can't connect to a name it will say NO FREE SLOTS so just go onto someone else.

Now here is where it becomes fun. I don't connect to people from the list on the right very often because you can find the files better just by searching for them with the SEARCH button. What is so nice about this is you just type the exact name of the file you are looking for (etc. e-spdman.009) and you will get a list of all the people in the hub that has the file you are looking for. Now the important thing to remember is to check how many slots they have available, if they have available slots and the file then go right ahead and double left click on it to start the download. Do this for every file you need and if you can't find the file you need try a different hub.

Well, that is about everything you need to know to start downloading files. Through any feedback by other members or this forum or the mods I will be happy to update this as needed. I hope this answered alot of questions and makes it easier for those to find the files they need.

Moon Glorious
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:32 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

[b]PROVIDED BY GrimDeath[/b]
523 posts

This is a written and visual guide to making your non selfbooting Dreamcast games selfboot using the Echelon selfboot kit. I have tried to make this guide as userfriendly as possible, if you have ant problems understanding something feel free to e-mail me.

We begin by opening CdrWin and proceed to burn the 4 second audio track that's included in the selfboot tool kit. You must choose open new session on CdrWin and load the 4 second audio track by clicking on the load tracks icon.

After you burn the 4 second audio track you must now open a MsDos prompt window.

Once your in Dos prompt you must change to the directory where you extracted the selfboot tool kit.

Ok now your in the directory where you extracted the selfboot toolkit now you must run the command: cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo when you perform this command it gives you a number if you used the 4 second audio track the number will be: 0,11700 you will need this number later on that's why I've put it in red. Ok now we must run the binhack program that was included in the tool kit, here you will be prompted for the name of the binary which is: 1st_read.bin when it asks you for the bootsector you type: ip.bin and finally when it asks you for the msinfo you type: 11700. Notice that this number is the one that you got as a result from the cdrecord command but notice that it is also only the numbers after the 0, this is very important but we'll get to that in a few.

Now that we've modified the 1st_read.bin we place it in the data folder where the rest of the games files are.

Now that we've placed the 1st_read.bin in the data directory we proceed to make the image file of the data folder. If you want to dummy the game you must add the dummy file before you make the image file and name it: 000dummy.dat, and place it in the data directory. I didn't include an image of this since the game I was making selfboot didn't require it but if you guys would like for me to add an image of this step let me know, anyways we proceed to make the image of the data folder. This is achieved by typing this command: mkisofs -C 0,11700 -V ECHELON -l -o data.iso data notice that the number in red which we got as a result of the mkisofs command is typed complete this time. When you type this command you will get a warning message pay no attention to this message its normal.

Once you've finished making the image file you have to inject the ip.bin by running the command: ipins. When it prompts you for the name of the bootsector you type: ip.bin, when it asks you for the name of the iso file you type: data.iso we're almost done fellas.

After you finish injecting the ip.bin to the image file we go and open CdrWin again to burn the image file we've just created. Open CdrWin and choose the file and backup tools icon which is the fourth icon on the top row.

In the backup/tool operation box we choose: record an iso 9660image file, in the image filename you choose the image file we created, in this case the image is called data.iso, in the disc type box you choose cd-rom xa, in the track mode you choose mode 2 and make sure you check the finalize/close session and write post gap checkboxes, now burn the image, and in a few minutes depending on the speed you chose you'll be playing your new selfboot game.

Hope this makes it a little easier for some of you to fully understand this process, this is the first written and visual guide I do, I'm planing on making some more guides just like this one, I will be making a cdi-rip tutorial among others I have planned, so if you have any comments or questions feel free to drop me a line at:

[b]This guide[/b] was made by [b]Grimdeath[/b] of DCpirates, using the [b]Echelon[/b] selfboot toolkit, much props to Echelon if it wouldnt be for them this tutorial would not be possible. You may post this tutorial any where on the internet as long as you give me credit thats all I ask for it took me a while to make it, thanx. Our site will be up shortly in the next few months, it will contain even more information regarding the dreamcast and the diffrent methods you can use to backup your favorite Dreamcast games, we are not here to compete with any other site that's out there right now, we just think we can help some of you to better understand the scene hope you like the site when it's done. E-mail us your thoughts so far at
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:35 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

Thanks to MiSTERC for letting us include his ripping guide in our dc faq:

____|__.._________________________________________ ____________________|____
| :|
- M i S T E R C -
_____ .__ __________________________________________________
/ \ |__|/ _____/\__ ___/\_ _____/\______ \_ ___ \
/ \ / \| |\_____ \ | | | __)_ | _/ \ \/
/ Y \ |/ \ | | | \ | | \ \____
\____|__ /__/_______ / |____| /_______ / |____|_ /\______ /
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ TuS
_____|____________________________________________ __________________ __|____
| |

`- Proudly Presents:....Dreamcast Ripping Guide v.2.0

Game.....: N/A

Origin...: N/A - Filename.....: misterc_ripping_guide_2
Released.: 02.02.2001 - Format.......: .txt
Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC) - CD(s)........: N/A
CD1 Info.: 1 txt file / ?? MINS - Ripped.......: N/A

- --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

This guide is in no way intended to be used for piracy, and is in no way
associated with or endorsed by SEGA, use of this guide is for educational
puposes only, I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by using

Ok first things first, things you need before we start

1 DC-><-PC Serial Link cable Either build (Instructions can be found here:
or buy one from one from somewhere like this--> ([url][/url])
([url][/url]) ([url][/url])

2 The infamous Serial/Slave Image from Marcus (

3 DreamRip and Hack from BERO can be found here:

4 TeraTerm Pro, terminal emulator needed to connect to and receive the
ripped GD data. (can be found all over the net just look and you will find)

5 And to be able to burn/selfboot/basically **** about with your images these:
WinZip/WinraR, cdrecord, CDRwin or what ever,Echelon's self boot guide.

6 And to down sample/size Video files etc these:
Sfd2mpg,Adx2wav,Wav2adx, All of which can be aquired from here:

7 mkisofs/cdrecord can be found here(Win32 Binaries)

- --- COM Settings!! -------------------------------------------------->

Firstly I would recomend that you configure your chosen COM port, the settings
go like this: (e.g. COM 1 )

Bits per second: 115200

Data bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: Harware

- --- Let It RIP!! ---------------------------------------------------->

OK so now connect your DC to your PC with your cable, Done it? Good!

Now boot up your Serial/Slave image, leave it until you see the blue borders
once the borders go blue at the SEGA LIECENCE screen remove the serial/slave
and replace with your chosen GDROM, it will spin and you may here a little beep!
this simply means the DC has recognised the disk (like you didnt all know that)
and you are ready for action, now set up TeraTerm leaving the GDROM spinning in
your DC.

TeraTerm Pro, set up as follows:

Select: SETUP, SERIAL PORT and set:

Baud rate: 57600bps

Data rate: 8bit

Parity bit: None

Stop bit: 1bit

Flow Control: Hardware

Select the correct COM port and OK


Transmit new line: CR+LF

Select OK

Press enter in the terminal window and you should see this >.

Now Select : FILE, SEND FILE and select (e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\dreamrip.srec
(you will now see lots of these >>>>>>>>>>>>>> in the terminal window
whilst the file is sent and on your TV/monitor your blue borders will have
now turned PINK this is your indication that the file has sent correctly)

When the file has sent you will see a message "Please set to 115k and hit OK"

Now Select: SETUP, SERIAL PORT and set:

Baud rate: 115200

Select OK

Select: CONTROL, MACRO and select (e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\dcrip.ttl.

The file will now be saved and the XMODEM Recive window will appear.
Dont panic if it apears to hang at 16 packets it will for a few seconds and
then start again it will start slow but will gradualy speed up(ish)

When complete you will have a file(s) called
this is the data (game) file, trackxx.raw.gz is the CDDA (audio) tracks.

OK, Now I am not going to kid you here this process can and probably will
take anything from 2 up to 24 HOURS so be carefull you DC doesnt melt.

- ---Prepare the ISO!! ------------------------------------------------->

WOO HOO so far so good.

Load WinZip/Winrar and unzip the file to your
(e.g.) G:\Dreamrip\whatever directory you will be left with trackxx.iso.

Then open your DOS window and change directory to where ever you have your files
e.g. G:\Dreamrip\dciso

Type ..\extract ..\trackxx.iso. All the files from the GD will be extracted
to your chosen directory. it is likely you have chosen the directory you have
your Dreamrip and Extract exe files. Now set up a new folder called selfboot
and within that a one called data G:\selfboot\data(yes just like it specifies in
the echelon s/b tutorial) move all of the game data to the data dir EXCEPT
1st_read.bin/ip.bin so that you have your game files in "Data" and your boot files
in "Selfboot"

- --- Not So Fast!! ---------------------------------------------------->

So you have your files sitting in their directorys and all is good until you
realise that your files are to big and cant get them to fit on a CD-R.

That is where the tools (Sfd2mpg,Adx2wav,Wav2adx)mentioned in No.6 of the requirements
list come in these can be used to downsample Audio/Video etc etc instructions can
be found in the readme files in each of the tools respectivley....

- --- Not so fast Again!! ---------------------------------------------->

Once you have your downsampled files it is required that you must hack various
files to enable the game to boot correctly, and since the original GDROM has two disk
areas your DC will try to initialize the CD-R from the second sectors 45000+ and will
NOT boot your game so you must point it to the new start sector which can be obtained
after you have burned your audio session for selfboot.

Burn your audio session in the way you would when selfbooting any game using your
prefered prog cdrecord for example is as follows:

cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -multi -audio audio.raw
where x,x,x is your cd-r drive if you are unsure run "cdrecord -scanbus"

Next get the msinfo for your second session
cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo (this will return the start sector for your second session)
After you have your first session burned and have your msinfo you can hack your
"boot files".

So run in DOS: Hack 1st_read.bin xxxxx
Where xxxxx is the number msinfo gave you e.g. 11700/11702 etc

After all of that you are now set up to follow the Echelon selfboot tutorial

And remember Do believe the hype this method works onehundred% sweet.

"I thank you"

- --- GREETS!! --------------------------------------------------------->


Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:36 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
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Well here it is. I searched around and did not find a tutorial like this, so these are my steps I used to do this, hopefully they will help others as well. All comments and improvement suggestions are always welcome.

Programs you'll need:
get from: [URL=********]********[/URL]

isobuster or CDmage
Sound editor (I used windows sound recorder)

Echelon self boot tutorial from Grimdeath's site: [URL=***********]***********[/URL]

1. use isobuster or CDmage to extract game data to hard drive (make folder called "Data")

2. Sort files by type and copy out all the files that have a "MUSIC01_.ADX" extension
(hint there are 15 music tracks). Put them
in a folder called "Music"

3. Run the cinepack program and load the adx files one at a time, into it. After its done converting, you'll now have 15 wav files in the music directory. You'll use these songs as guides to size the new songs accordingly in the next steps.

4. Select 15 songs that you want to use in the game (convert mp3 to wav on a side note) before proceeding. You'll have to cut down the size and lengths of the songs so they closely match the size of the originals. I used the windows sound recorder just to trim them down a bit, but i'm sure there are others that might be better. (use a one word naming system for the songs i.e. "Master of puppets" to "Puppets" it makes it easier when working in DOS in the next steps).

5. Next compare the volumes between the originals and the new songs, as they may be a little different. You may want to adjust volumes with the "adxcv" program in DOS to set the volumes, but its not critical. The read me file gives a good description of how to use it, the volume level I selected was 7000000 . Better to be a little high and turn it down if necessary. You'll have to convert back to adx first using the adxencd program, and then set set sound levels.

6. If you tweaked any sound levels you are all set for a moment, if not then run the adxencd program, and convert all songs to adx format. Rename all new songs accordingly i.e. music01_0.adx through music01_15.adx, so that they correspond to the original names. (the program proccesses the songs one at a time, i'm not sure if you can do them all in one string).

7. now in the music directory you'll have all new .adx songs. Delete the wavs unless you want to save them. Cut and paste the new songs into the game data directory, It will ask if you want to replace existing files say yes to all.

Thats it!!! Now use the Echelon self boot tutorial, (I used Grimdeaths Tutorial cause its got pics and real easy to understand), to put the game back to CD.

Hopefully this was easy for people to understand. It worked perfectly for me. It may sound a little difficult but its actually not that bad to do with a little patience.

Thanks to those from the cdrom-guide that helped me out, and xena's site for the programs, and grimdeath's site for the self boot tutorial.


Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:37 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
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[b]======= SUBMITTED-BY-SNAKE78 ======[/b]

Here is a tutorial on making a backup of a backup using DJ3 (this is assuming your burner is compatible with DJ):

To copy the Image to your hard drive:

1) Open up DJ3, click on File, New. Choose CD Player to CD Image

2) Make sure the Selfboot DC game is in your cd drive (your burner preferably) and choose the correct drive as the source.

3) For the destination, click on the icon of the paper & the disc & tell it where to save the image at.

4) For the advanced tab, these are the settings I use(I believe they are defaults since I haven't changed them but just in case), nothing needs to be checked in Misc, DAE read speed MAX, Audio Resync set to Native (all the way to the left), CD Image MAX size 80 min(s), Verify CD Image unchecked.

5) Click Start. It will save the image.

To Burn the Image to a CD:

1) Open DJ3, Click File, New. Choose CD Image to CD Recorder.

2) Choose the source file. Make sure your burner is selected as Destination.

3) Advance Tabs should be all set, but again here's what my settings are. Mode - Audio, Offset - 0 bytes, block - 2352, TOC - CD-DA, All the Misc are unchecked except the "Add post-gap to 3rd party images."

4) Make sure a blank CD is in your burner.

5) Set the Correct speed. Click Start and the CD will burn.

6) Common Problem: If you can't click the start button, you skipped step 4.

Good Luck and Happy Gaming.
Old Jan 06, 2002, 02:39 PM
Jamman960 Jamman960 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: England, UK
Posts: 1,309

[b]===== PROVIDED-BY-GARLIC MAYHEM =====[/b]

Selfboot method easy and simple

after you rip a game you get the .iso.gz,(not if you use the bba you will just get the iso file) unzip that with winrar and you get a iso image, extract that using 'extract' and place all files in c:/selfboot/data except ip.bin and 1stread.bin.

1. Burn audio track... using cdrwin burn a 5 or more sec audio track and leave cd open.

2. In dos in selfboot dir type Cdrecord -dev=0,1,0 -msinfo and get 0,12345, (your own number will be 12345)

3 Type binhack,enter then 1st_read.bin, enter then ip.bin, enter and then your 12345 number, not the zero or coma

4. Drag 1st_read back to/data

5. Type mkisofs -C Garlic -V 0,12345 -l -o data.iso data

6. After completion type ipins, itll ask you for the boot file and type ip.bin, then itll ask you for the iso which is data.iso... close your dos prompt.

7. Open Cdrwin. Choose the second to last icon on the top row. Select record iso9660. (not build) make sure you load the data.iso and keep all the settings but change it to CD-XA and mode 2. Burn and play.

Sorry bout any mistakes,if there are any, feel free to edit. This works for me and others but may not for you. Make sure you get the selfboot toolkit to do this. It should be available at

- Garlic Mayhem

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