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Old Jul 03, 2002, 06:15 AM
jsingh7 jsingh7 is offline
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To work out a CDs Table Of Contents (TOC):

Place the CD-R in the CDROM Drive of your computer;

Open Golden Hawk's CDRWIN;

Click the Table Of Contents button;

Hey presto, the length of the CDs TOC.

This is particularly useful when needing to know the length of a PS2 DVD Rip onto CD-R so you know whether you can do the "knife swap" with it or not.

(With Action Replay AR2, anything below 71 minutes TOC size will work.)
Old Jul 03, 2002, 11:49 AM
Syxx103 Syxx103 is offline
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WANT Manuals/covers/patches and other crap, come here ******** Credit goes to myself
Old Jul 07, 2002, 11:50 AM
contactmat contactmat is offline
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Default R-mod and AR2.2 boot methos for dvdr

how to boot dvdr with R-mod and AR2.2

this is how you boot dvdr with the r-mod and AR2.2

the dave mirror method will not work with the ar2.2 and the r-mod
so do the following (also this method is easier to do than the dave mirror method)


Initial Instructions (only need to be done ONCE)
This paragraph explains something you need to do ONLY once with your AR2/GS2, from a factory reset state.
From the main AR2/GS2 menu, select, "Gameshark/Action Replay CODES", and press X.
The next screen is your code list, and at the very top is the -- ADD NEW GAME -- option. With it selected, press X.
At the next screen, press X, and a message will appear, "Updating Code List, Please Wait."
After this message goes away, a new screen comes up wanting you to enter the name of the code, just press X again, and the same message as before will appear. The next screen is where you would enter codes, but we're not here to do that, just press X, and the same message will once again appear. Your AR2/GS2 dongle is now ready to boot dvdrs, and EA games.
Press start to return to the main menu. You are now ready to boot DVD-Rs! Power down the console with the AR2/GS2 inside.

DVD-R Booting with No Solder Modchip
With the GS2/AR2 disc in your Playstation 2 drive, and the Playstation 2 in standby mode, turn the ps2 on by tapping reset.
When the GS2/AR2 screen appears, go to Gameshark/Action Replay CODES.
The next screen is your code list, and you need to select -- New Game --, which was the code we created initially. and press X.
The next screen is the selected game's codes list, and there is one code, which is -- New Code --. With this highlighted, press X ONCE. This will either check, or uncheck the box, which will force the AR2/GS2 to update the code list later in this process.
Now press start. The screen you should be seeing will have two options, WITH CODES, or WITHOUT CODES.
Press the eject button, remove the GameShark 2.0 disc, and place your ORIGINAL DVD-based game in the drive. (Note, this DVD original MUST have an equal, or greater T.O.C. than the DVD-R based game you're wanting to boot.) Close your Playstation 2's drive by pressing eject.
Wait at least 6-10 seconds for the DVD original to initialize, then select WITH CODES.
Now you'll have the screen come up that reads, "Start game with codes enabled, Insert disc and press X to start or press O to go back."
Have your finger ready to press X and ready to hold in EJECT for the v5rmod. Also, have your DVD-R ready to be put in the drive.
Now, when you are ready... press X and immediately after hold in EJECT for around a second or so until the RESET LED shows Yellow. The screen will give you the message, "Updating Code List". The drive will eject around 1.5 seconds after you hold EJECT in, it will come out QUITE FAST. Then you must remove your original DVD-based game, and place your DVD-R game inside the drive quickly.
Press Start, then without codes, and finally X to start the game.

(i must not take any credit for this boot method as i found is somewere on the board)
Old Jul 09, 2002, 12:25 AM
smokafatty smokafatty is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 524

This is my favorite site to compare different mods and their options
Old Jul 12, 2002, 02:00 AM
Jaice Jaice is offline
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Default No Solder Mid

So whats the deal with the No Solder Mod.

This is a Solderless chip that plugs into the Ps2 mainboard. All it does is eject the disk tray with out telling the PS2.

It plays all PS2 games, CD or DVD Based

It plays DVD-Rips also under and over 630mbs

How to play DVD-Rips over 630mbs you ask?

Well first, you have to wait and hope someone like interact makes a Gameshark2 that boots 80min CD-R's

The No Solder mod isn't crap cause it doesn't boot 80 min DVD-Rips, its the Gameshark/Action Replays fault.

So if someone makes a 80min Boot CD, the no solder mod will take over, cause there will be no need for mods like the Neo 2.2, 2.5, neo key, but the Messiah, Magic2, and Nova/Origa will still be useful.
Old Jul 25, 2002, 09:15 AM
handyguy handyguy is offline
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Oh, maybe someone can explain patching.

Hey, look what's coming up:
The Network Adapter (ethernet/modem) for PS2 opens yet another dimension to the PlayStation entertainment gaming experience: online gameplay!
preorder from
$39 cheap. Nice photo of it there.

Do not ask if you can play backup games when online, yet (no one knows for sure) thanks.,

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