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Old Jan 31, 2002, 06:59 PM
mastermix mastermix is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: uk
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[i]Originally posted by Colbol [/i]
[B]Mastermix has not always been known as Mastermix.
I purchased the Sunfly set because they were described as being 100% fault free.
I since find out from having been in contact with long standing Forum members that the faults on Sunfly 26 are probably due to myself.
Anyway I purchased the Sunfly 100% fault free set because it would save me the trouble of ripping and splitting the tracks myself.
As it works out the number of knackerred and missing tracks means the time and trouble I have expended means I might just have well have done the job right myself the first time. [/B]
Just where doyou come from. You talk about all thease faults that many dont even have and then you say i have not all ways been known as mastermix. So come on then tell me.....
What else have i been known as and see if i can surprise you.
Old Jan 31, 2002, 07:00 PM
mastermix mastermix is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: uk
Posts: 1,290

[i]Originally posted by bazlindon [/i]
[B]I just received my "100% error free" sunfly disks this morning by Special Delivery !!.

Nice one Mastermix.

I am just gonna burn the last 5 to disk and check if theres any errors. At the moment on disk 186, I know him so well.cdg is named wrong (Just rename it).

I will let you all know as I go along if theres any more errors.

Still good value for 30.00 and I`m sure when Mastermix comes online he will fix any errors on the disks and make a patch disk up or make an ftp site for us to d/load missing tracks etc.

Baz [/B]
thanks for bearing with me m8
Old Jan 31, 2002, 07:03 PM
mastermix mastermix is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: uk
Posts: 1,290
Default Re: Mastermix

[i]Originally posted by The-Panther [/i]
[B]Having read through the posts in this thread i find it crazy that people are ready to rip into mastermix ....fair enough the sunflys where posted as 100% error free but lets face it i have bought legit stuff before with problems and i also noticed some people posting certain discs as faulty where others disagree and say they are fine lets not forget not all comps have the same software and hardware in them and so may not all act the same way ..i have the first lot of sunfly and fair enough there where many probs but with a little messing around i got a fantastic set with a retail value of around 4000 so 30 is peanuts to pay especially as it isnt anywhere near the cost of 2 legit ones

once over i had a falling out with mastermix and insulted him on the site but he did not retaliate in any way and talked to me politely and with dignity so i suggest instead of ripping into someone while they carnt defend themselves all parties should be patient and treat the guy the same way he is willing to talk to others,,,the guy is sound and will sort the problem asap
Lastly by posting this i do not intend to upset anyone but i have been around trading sites for a long time now and seen things like this before and when it all gets sorted there is threads wasted on mass appologies
Respect to you all
Panther [/B]
LOL, i remember that one
its all a pinch of salt to me m8, but thanks for the kind words and get back on that site and start posting LOL
Old Jan 31, 2002, 07:08 PM
mastermix mastermix is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: uk
Posts: 1,290

as soon as i have time, you people know i always try and make right whats wrong and there will be a site or ftp site soon, though more than likely ftp as the last free download site was closed due to abuse and it cost me 45 forthe extra 20gigs of bandwidth used. Some posted the update site aound and gave the links away, You know who you are

just give me time to settle and all them that have the odd track missing due to me rushing or have a damaged disc can then download at there will. plus you all end up grabbing other stuff anyway, But i dont mind.
Old Feb 01, 2002, 01:08 PM
-=Unknown=- -=Unknown=- is offline
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Default Here is the full story on the sunfly full set going around

OK Guys i'm gonna clear up the story of where the sunfly set came from originally. please reply if you think i'm wrong.

Basicly 5 peolpe were involved in setting up all sunfly discs 1-165 at the time to an ftp owned by Iceman254 (it was called Iceftp).
at the time we were buying trading etc to get the collection and then uploading them to the ftp with the intention of checking / repairing tracks at a later date. Very few people had access to this ftp except for uploading the missing discs.A Guy called DoctorUK (may be related to Mastermix. ya never know ;-) lol)
had access to the ftp after supplying us with a lot of chart and mp3 material. As Doc UK started with a 56K modem which took forever to Download discs he then progressed to cable, which speeded up the downloads.
approx a week after Doc UK had downloaded all the files he let us know that he was leaving the channel (which he was an Operator on at the time) because of work commitments.
A few days later we found out that DocUK was selling Discs.
Our policy is that we Don't sell. We either Trade Or Give !.
He was subsequently banned from the channel then.
Colbol's argument is that he supplied a lot of the discs to iceftp and has been Unknowingly Buying them back.
quite a few other's here maybe did the same
Anyway on a lighter note we have checked / repaired upto vol 65 now on iceftp and those with access can download them for free.
If anyone needs eg sf26 cdg's they are available too FOC. which is what our policy is.
We are currently repairing / checking over 55,000 tunes so please be patient. Anybody that knows me will know where to get the tunes. the sc spotlight set was completed just before x-mas 8100 - 8728 so far. these need to be checked also. like i said they will NEVER be sold, but as the story goes " if you can help us we can help you" there is still a lot of material needed which means that if you actually buy new material, you get new material without it costing you a penny (apart from the disc you bought.

I Hope that clears up the origin of the discs and how come they became available on the internet and that every set that is being sold has the same errors on them. also any other sets that are being sold too.
I Must add that there are many hard working people out there who try to get their sets 100%. my pain goes out to you as i've been there myself. It ain't easy.


(Excuse the Unknown nick, i'm trying to get it sorted with the mods)
Old Feb 01, 2002, 06:31 PM
Colbol Colbol is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: UK
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ps Kodak I love you.

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