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Old Jul 23, 2002, 12:33 PM
acc1 acc1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
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Default adding winNT mach to win9x peer to peer network

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first, i know little to nothing about winNT.

okay, have a new computer that is running winNT. there are 8 other pcs that make up the peer to peer network. they are all using tcp/ip (only have one internet connection and it's shared using ICS). the NT pc looks like it's set up for netbeui. i added netbeui to another pc, but that got me nowhere. the NT system has a drive shared and i've got it set to log onto the same workgroup. i'm stuck. anyone have any advice or know of a decent newbie site for doing something like this?

Old Jul 23, 2002, 07:35 PM
The Magpies The Magpies is offline
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Check the link below, and see if you can find any help.


If you want to enable the file sharing with TCP/IP only instead of Netbeui, check the link below


DO you see the NT machine on netework??

Ideally if you add the Netbeui protocol to all other stations to be able to communicate to each other, TCP/IP is ideally for internet access and sharing, client for microsoft must be installed.


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Old Jul 24, 2002, 07:45 AM
acc1 acc1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Posts: 723

i had already found that site searching the forum. it has no info for winNT. no i cannot see the NT machine on the network and it can't see the network, that's the problem. client for microsoft is installed on the 9x machines and they use tcp/ip because they all share the same internet connection. what's the equivilant of client for microsoft in windows NT, it doesn't have that but it has a pile of otherstuff available and alot of it is already added. until now there has been no need to use anything else. now they've added the NT machine. i set it up for tcp/ip, it wouldn't work. so i'm trying to get the 9x computers to use netbeui, but when i add it and restart everything, i still can't see the network from the NT box or the NT box from the network. i even tried with just the NT box and 1 of the 9x machines on a seperate hub. i can't even get just one of the computers by itself to make a workgroup showing only itself. i can with the 9x machine using only tcp/ip, but i cannot get any of the 9x machines to network using netbeui. i've checked to make sure they're trying to join the same workgroup about a million times. i should be able to add netbeui to all the machines, restart them and it work. but it's not. any ideas?? anybody?? btw this is a cnc controller for an industrial laser, i should have been able to just add it to the network, so i think the problem is with the existing network, not the NT machine.

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Old Jul 24, 2002, 09:00 AM
kasimir the great kasimir the great is offline
Senior Member
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Connecting to Windows 98

Connecting to Windows 98 based computers can be as simple as connecting to Windows NT based computers, but it can also be much more complex. Windows 98 can emulate a Windows NT server (running File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks) or a NetWare server (running File and Printer Sharing for Novell Networks). Windows 98 also has two security options, user-level and share-level. Several different scenarios are possible, see the following.

SMB Server/User Level Security
The File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks service is also called the SMB server service, because the Server Message Block (SMB) is the protocol that all Microsoft network operating systems use. When 98 acts as an SMB server with user-level security, it allows access based on the account database on a Windows NT security provider (usually a domain controller, but possibly a server or even a workstation), which closely resembles the way Windows NT itself functions. Consequently, a user connecting from a Windows NT workstation to Windows 98 workstations can proceed as if the remote server was another Windows NT-based computer.

SMB Server/Share-Level Security
With share-level security, permissions are not granted to individual users. Instead a blanket password is assigned to the share.
When a user attempts to connect from a Windows NT-based computer, the client passes along the userís name and password. The Windows 98 server discards the user name and attempts to match the userís password with the share password. This almost never works (if it does, the user needs to get a new password!), so the user is prompted to enter the correct password for the share. If the user doesnít know the correct share password, access isnít granted Ė no surprise there then! If the user does supply the correct password, the user is granted Read or Full Control permissions, depending on the password (Windows 98 servers can have a separate password for each access level).

Connecting to Windows for Workgroups
Windows for Workgroups is an SMB server with share-level security, and connections to this type of computer utilize the same procedure as for Windows 98 computers with the same configuration.

This isnít a step by step solution for you, but it will provide you with some idea of whatís involved. The purpose of this forum is to help, guide and encourage, but I, for one, cannot and will not do your job for you.

Old Jul 24, 2002, 11:50 AM
acc1 acc1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Posts: 723

it's not my job, i was just trying to help someone out. the people don't have someone on site that does this. i'm just trying to help a friend from having to pay someone to do something that should have been as easy as adding netbeui to the 9x machines & making sure the NT machine was logging in to the correct workgroup. it should have been easier than that they were told all they would have to do was run a network drop & plug it in. that didn't work. they have a tech coming in this afternoon. i'll be going by to see what he does & hopefully learn a little. i was just trying to help them like you are trying to help me.

btw, why does k a s m i r get replaced with ****** like it's foul language?

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Old Jul 24, 2002, 01:25 PM
zack371 zack371 is offline
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At work, don't have muchtime...

On the NT box, add TCP/IP and give it an IP that is valid on the network. Also, after adding TCP/IP, Microsoft recommends that you reapply the most recent service pack (6a). Then try to ping the IP's of the Win9x machines. . . If it works, you should see each other fine.

Will post more info if needed after work tonight.


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