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Old Feb 19, 2003, 09:35 AM
kwanbis kwanbis is offline
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Default NEW US PS2: which mod chip?

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Hi, i'm a former PS1 and DC user. This march, i will be buying in USA a new PS2. Assuming it would be a V7 (i'm correct?), what is the best mod chip to buy? Messiah 2, Magic 3 (3.0, 3.1 or 3.6?) , MARS, or what? I have seen many recommend the Messiah 2, but it is 80 dollars i think, while the Magic 3 is more like 30/40. Also, what is the diference in 3.0/3.1/3.6? Is it worht the price diference? I have also read that the MARS is better cause is a "no solder" chip. Is this correct? And what about the Apple, Magic 2, Neo,Matrix 2, et all? Any recommendation on where to buy? Thanks.

Here is the list of prices at

Apple Mod Chip V7 [$ 70 (x1)] or [$135 (x3)]
Magic 2 No Swap Modchip for V7 USA/PAL/JAP [$42 (x1)] or [$120 (x3)]
Magic 3.0 Universal No Swap Modchip [$30 (x1)] or [ $60 (x3)]
Magic 3.1 Universal No Swap Modchip for PS2 [$46 (x1)] or [ $85 (x3)]
Matrix 2 No Swap Modchip for PS2 (V7) [$49 (x1)] or [$141 (x3)]
Messiah 2 PRO (USA/PAL/JAP) [$79 (x1)] or [$237 (x3)]
Messiah No Swap Modchip for PS2 [$69 (x1)] or [$201 (x3)]
ModCube / Neo Key PS2 USB Modchip [$40 (x2)] or [ $76 (x3)]
Playstation 2 DVD-Key (Auto Run) [$25 (x1)] or [ $46 (x3)]

Is GameGizmo a good/trusted vendor?

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Old Feb 19, 2003, 11:08 AM
kizmet kizmet is offline
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Get a magic 3.1 if you can solder good. and what ever you do dont order from gamegizmo.
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Old Feb 19, 2003, 12:42 PM
moddogs moddogs is offline
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Location: SF Bay Area, CA USA
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Messiah 2 is the best so far.
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Old Feb 19, 2003, 01:59 PM
mwa423 mwa423 is offline
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Ok, first off, by march, the version 8 may be out and in wide circulation. If you do get a v7, then I'll answer your questions:

1st off magic 3/3.1/3.5/3.6, etc.
First off, there are tons of clones of the magic chip (and every chip really) STAY AWAY FROM THEM, sure a $15 messiah2 sounds great, but the chip is a really crappy clone.

Magic. 3.0 = 1st version of magic3, good chip overall, but I would recommend the 3.1, because of the updates, and no real cost difference.

Magic 3.1 - newest revision of the magic 3.1, really the big thing about it is that it can be turned off so it won't be detected by online services. I reccomend this chip if you want to save a little $.

Magic 3.5/3.6 - crappy clones with a clip attached. I hate clips like none other, and a crappy clone with a clip, you're asking for a disaster.

The best chip out is the messiah 2, but I personally think the magic 3.1 is a very good substitue (and you save $30-$40)

Also, ignore the messiah 1, it's not compatable with any u.s. versions, except version 4.

DVD Key, a good chip, actually what I have right now, I don't think it's compatable with anything beyond v4/v5. So, that's out.

No solder mods, well, their saving grace is that you can install them yourself. They are easy, and they do the job (more or less) If you do get a no solder mod, Get swap magic discs, you'll need those.

Also, don't bother with gamegizmo, way too expensive, just go to bst secure and the prices can usually be cut in half.
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Old Mar 05, 2003, 05:03 AM
420 420 is offline
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What about the Apple or Mini-Apple (maybe a clone of something else?) ... or what about the new [url=***********]DMS3 ?? I'll be picking up a PS2 shortly and all this mod chip $hit has got my head spinning. :P
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Old Mar 06, 2003, 03:20 PM
madison mods madison mods is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
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The Apple is an older chip, but very reliable, I've never had a problem with one in 50+ installs. Of course, no DVD9 (dual sided originals) with it or the Magic 2. The Magic 3 SAYS that they work with DVD9, but there is some question to the reliablity with this. The Messiah 2 and DMS3 are the only one guaranteed to work 100% with DVD9. Personally, I don't think the small upgrades you get with the DMS3 (media player? who is ever going to use that??!!) is worth the cost. Stick with Messiah 2 if you don't mind paying the extra money. It really is worth it.
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