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Old Apr 07, 2006, 12:02 PM
kenzilla kenzilla is offline
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Default some burning problems

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there was not one guide I could follow because most of the tutorials require cdrwin. I can create an iso image with cdrwin but not record it. im guessing my burner is not supported but anyway this was how I burned it. I had to try to mix and match guides in order to burn a game. Ive wasted a whole 30 pack of cd's trying to figure this out so help me for the love of god.


this is the website I was working off of. They give you a zip file full of dc tools that they used for the guide but the ****n selfboot gui DOES NOT WORK.

after taking out the 1st_read.bin and ip.bin, I ran binhack. Once binhack was done, I put 1st_read.bin back in the data folder and made a dummy file. I opened up cdrwin to turn it into an iso and I made sure to uncheck preservere full path names before I started the iso process. Once I had the ISO, i put it back in the selfboot directory and ran IPINS from dos. Dos said it was successful. I made sure the boot sector and everything else was right too.

This is the part where im confused. After I ran IPINS I opened up winiso to check my iso for ip.bin and its not there. is it suppose to be there? The next step was suppose to be burn it with cdrwin but I cannot do that so I went to another route. I got this other program that turns the ISO into a CDI then into a NRG so it can be burned with nero. I burn the game and it loads passed the dc swirl logo then the sega blue logo and after the blue logo it goes to black screen for a minute then it goes back to the dc options screen.

what the hell am i doing wrong. I set my msinfo value to 11700 but I heard it can be 11702. I have not tried it with the 11702 could this be the problem? im trying to figure out what im doing wrong before i waste anymore cds.
Old Apr 08, 2006, 02:50 PM
yourfather yourfather is offline
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The fact that your DC can boot from your CD only to go back to the options screen after it displays the sega logo, makes me think that the problem lies in the ISO image on the 2nd session of the disc, I know CDRWin does not currently support your CD burner, perhaps converting your ISO to CDI then to NRG could be corrupting your image and thus you are ending up with coasters?

Also on the last part of your post you mentioned you set your msinfo value to 11700 but were thinking of trying 11702. The correct value is the one reported when you type cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo, after you have burned the 1st session with Audio.raw. (x,x,x is determined from typing cdrecord -scanbus)

For games without CDDA it will usually be 11700 or 11702 (again check what cdrecord -dev=x,x,x -msinfo reports and use that)
For games with CDDA, values will be higher and will vary from game to game.

If I were you I would try one of the following:

A) Preferred method

Use ECHELON's original selfboot tutorial, it has the complete instructions for creating selfbootgames with cdrecord, mkiso, binhack & ipins. These ms-dos apps are included in the file you already downloaded, they are all you need to burn a selfbooting dreamcast game, forget about ISO-CDI-NRG conversions! Google "echelon selfboot tutorial", the 1st or 2nd result will usually link directly to the tutorial itself. Follow the CDrecord method and you should be fine, you are already familiar with most of the process and judging from your post I think you understand it, I think its the actual ISO-CDI-NRG conversion what's screwing up your CDs. (but I could be wrong....)
CDRwin just makes things a lot easier and faster, but it is not required at all

B) Last Resort (Only if everything else fails and you are desperate).

Force CDRwin to recognize your drive, I recently purchased a Lite On burner which is not supported by CDRwin, however a similar model is supported, all you would need to do is:

1) Backup your CDrwin.exe file
2) Hexedit CDrwin.exe, search for the text string of a similar supported burner from the same manufacturer, and replace it with your own burner's name as reported by windows device manager.

In my case I have a Lite On SOHR-5239V burner, but CDrwin does not support it, checking the supported drives inside the cdrwin.exe file I found a SOHR-5239S CD-RW also by Lite On, I just replaced the "s" with a "v" saved the file, restarted CDRwin and my drive is now supported

To test it out, I burned a game at 48x with the cheapest media I had, my dreamcast plays the game perfectly. So I think it really works or i just got lucky

A note though, both drives are manufactured by the same company, have similar characteristics and speeds of 52x32x52x, make sure you choose a similar drive or it won't work.

Hope that helps

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Old Apr 09, 2006, 11:06 PM
kenzilla kenzilla is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 8

haha thats a good way to trick cdrwin ill have to try that. thxn for the help

by any chance would you know where to get planet web 2.6. Ive looked on the net and its always leading me to which doesnt have it? i never found the file.
Old Apr 10, 2006, 12:53 AM
yourfather yourfather is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 47

Well..... when a google search doesn't find things, why not try Edonkey/Emule, sometimes you'll get lucky.

Old Apr 10, 2006, 01:52 PM
kenzilla kenzilla is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 8

thnx for the echelon method I finally got it to work. I saw alot of these auto selfboot programs that dont work for ****. I was trying to avoid the whole dos thing but hell it wasnt even that hard. for those who dont know, when you run IPINS.EXE the program patches the ip.bin to the iso so you would not be able to see it if you re-opened the iso. When you run the program through dos, it will say it was succesfull. That would be the only way to know it worked to the extent of my knowledge. Theres probably a way to view the ip.bin patch on the iso but I dont know how. Just trust dos on this one.
Old May 31, 2006, 03:03 PM
carl1961 carl1961 is offline
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Default Planet Web


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