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Old Feb 18, 2002, 05:33 PM
HtRd2000Ht HtRd2000Ht is offline
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T4104 Can I use the H cards here in the US? Yes you can they are directv cards with a picture of a satellite on them but you have to be careful and not buy a virgin card and it turn out to be a black sunday card let me go into black sunday a minute black sunday is a term used by us dss people describling the card kill of the weekend before the super bowl last year the BS cards can still be used with what is called a bootloader and they are not the same cards as you see on many posts that have to do with gold and silver cards and I know nothing about the gold and silver cards and if anyone reads this post and would like to chat with me via aol instant messager the name is [email][/email]
and the satellite cards are h cards

spade1 you can can buy the units seperate or you can buy a t-5 or t-6 these units are a hu loader or a h unlooper any other question please ask later all
Old Feb 18, 2002, 05:38 PM
HtRd2000Ht HtRd2000Ht is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 15

spade1I should have said you can use them for both kinds of cards
Old Feb 18, 2002, 07:51 PM
john80y john80y is offline
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[i]Originally posted by ps2dvdr [/i]
[B]john80y: You have any experience with writing 3m's? [/B]
I have wrote several H cards scripts ... Not totally from scratch just taken a good bin and modified it to work like a 3m ... I messed around with jump points on public 3m's ...Not really rocket science !
Old Feb 19, 2002, 12:02 AM
kuwlness kuwlness is offline
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Im looking into purchasing a direct tv system here in the states. Would you be willing to sell me a complete package (with all channel capability) or atleast give me the basics of what I would need? Also, what do you know about emulation? How expensive, how hard, etc.? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanx for the help....
Old Feb 19, 2002, 09:03 PM
imageguy2001 imageguy2001 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
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Man I found this forum to learn about Play Station Mod chips and end up in the satellite forum, familiarity I guess (been into hacking DTV for two years now), looks like you guys have a lot of questions let me try to answer some of them for you. Note I only have experience with Direct TV, the only thing I know about Dishnet is you need a rom2 or rom3 card (rom10 won't work) to extract the authorization keys from your receiver. I'll list some of the terms people seem to be confused about so you might better understand what people are talking about.

H card- this was the access card used from ~1997-1999, it has a picture of a satellite on it and has an ID on it beginning with H (i.e. H00001234567) hence the name. (also know as P2)

HU card- current card introduced in 2000 because of wide spread hacking of the H card, it has a picture of a footall player and is sometimes referred to as the "sports card", card ID begins with HU. (also known as P3)

Both cards serve the same function, the authorization of video, the H was understood to the point that you could bypass all security on the card, this is still the preferred card to have because of it's ability to be manipulated.

ISO programmer- all access cards are build on a ISO standard, a programmer built on this standard can be used to 'talk' to the card if you can get by the security (as is the case with the H card), it is the same one I see being given away by credit card companies for the new 'smart' credit cards. It currently has no use in HU programming.

Unlooper- this device is used to fix an H card that is 'looped', this is when the programming on the card gets scrambled and the flow of data loops back onto itself. This can be caused by you on accident or dtv on purpose through an ECM. There is no unlooper available for the HU cards (another reason H cards are preferred). Can also be used to apply a pre-configured block of code to an H card.

Loader- this is a modified H card unlooper with different code on the Atmel chip, it is used to apply code to an HU card.

ECM- electronic counter measure, this is when the provider (dtv) sends code to look for programmed cards, like a virus scan, if the code detects a programmed card it will loop it.

Hashing- this is like a non looping ECM, a check is run against a certain part of a card and if that area is changed then video will not be authorized resulting in a blank screen or freezing picture.

Black Sunday Card- a BS card is a H card that was ECM'ed on Jan. 21,2001. On that day dtv send a card killing ECM that destroyed the boot sector of any H card that showed signs of programming. They wiped the ability of the card to boot by itself, a card in this condition needs an unlooper with special Atmel code to boot it or a bootloader board.

Boot Loader board- a circuit board that has the special Atmel chip code on it, you insert your BS into the board and it replaces the boot function that was destroyed. (sort of like the Mod Chip does on PS).

3M - stands for 3 musketeers (all for one, one for all) the term was first used by cable box hackers when you could get all the stations thought one channel. The termed is now used to refer to a card with code that authorizes all channels (including PPV (pay per view), sports packages etc). This is the most dangerous because it is easiest for dtv to spot the code on the card.

Activation- when you pay for a channel your card contains an entry with a code that authorizes viewing (these entries are called tiers), with activation software you write the tiers onto the card yourself so it looks just like a subbed card, you can only 'activate' channels that you can sub to so PPV would need to be ordered via the remote and then you erase (wipe) them from the card later. The problem with this method is that the card is constantly being updated by the data stream, when a check determines that your card ID should not have a tier it gets erased, this can be hours or days after you program the card. Eventually all the channels your card does not pay for will be gone and you will need to reapply the tiers, it only takes a minute to do but can be a pain when you are in the middle of a movie or watching a game. This method is moderately safe because there is no modified code on your card, you just manually added the channels instead of dtv.

Emulation- this is the safest and most effective way to get free tv but requires the most equipment. Emulation software (emu for short) runs on a dedicated PC to authorize video by emulating the processor of the H card (only works with H card as not enough is yet known about the HU to create emulation). In an emu setup you have a board in the card slot that is connected to one of the Com ports on the PC running the software while the H card is in a programmer (or an unlooper if the card is BS) connected to the other Com port. The software emulates (impersonates) the H card and only requires the H card to decipher the authorization keys, this provides all channels wide open like a 3m without the risk. This is the safest method because the PC acts as a firewall between the card and the data stream, this prevents any chance that the card could be damaged by dtv, in fact the card is setup as an auxiliary component (or Auxed) by the software rendering in unreadable and unwriteable. Since the software uses a clean (no programming) copy of your card (core file) loaded in RAM there is nothing that a ECM would see as being out of the ordinary, and if it did it would ECM the data in RAM and not the card.

Core or Bin- when you read (dump) the data on your card it is saved with a .BIN or .COR extension.

Winexplorer- software for running Visual Basic scripts (3m or Activation) that apply code to your card. Used for both H and HU cards.

BasicH- H card software to manually edit the .cor files and write them back to your card.

ExtremeHU- HU software for reading, editing and writing to HU cards.

SLE- emulation software that runs under DOS. Sle44 is the processor that the H card uses and this software emulates that processor. Runs in DOS on minimal PC (486 50mhz, 4mb ram) and software fits on floppy so no hard drive is needed.

Pitou- emulation software that runs under Linux. This requires a faster PC with more memory but can be used to support multiple receivers with only one H card and PC (sle only supports one), it can also be used in a networked environment for emulation over tcp/ip. This software also will run off a floppy disk.

I have used all these methods, started with H activation, got tired of rewriting the card every two days and went to H 3m, got BS'ed, went to Sle emulation, wrote some H 3m's and now I run Pitou. Hashing has been going at breakneck speed the last couple of months, 3m's are released for H and Hu about once every week or two and last two days until they are hashed, activation works for H and HU but is a pain in the butt, Sle is currently hashed but there are manual edits you can do in basicH to get it working and Pitou is running but is kind of complex. You also need a valid sub bin for any of the hacks or you immediately get hashed, my advise would be to sub an HU card and don't touch it, get an H card and setup an emulator or run H activation, ( I run Pitou and have an extra HU with activation as a backup) the last thing you want is to mess up your subbed HU card and have to explain to dtv what happened to it. Good luck and be easy on me when I ask stupid newbie questions about PS Mods.

Last edited by imageguy2001; Feb 19, 2002 at 09:15 PM.
Old Feb 19, 2002, 09:29 PM
imageguy2001 imageguy2001 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 7

Just a reminder that all the info I posted was for DirectTV in the US, I started reading and figured out that the "gold card" references were to programmable cards for OnDigital 'cable' (I use quotes because it is actually broadband through an antenna) boxes used in the U.K.

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