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Old Mar 10, 2002, 08:19 PM
N30Fr33z3 N30Fr33z3 is offline
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To start, I do not buy VCDs. Also I am not a merchant. All I do is create them for my own personal use. Currently I am creating them with DVDs that I already own. Then I can keep a copy of that DVD I rent
Old Mar 10, 2002, 08:41 PM
bayag bayag is offline
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You cant really mess a lot with VCD settings. Changing its bitrate from 1150 makes it XVCD and indeed you can produce high quality XVCD. But in VCD quality, you can produce decent but not high quality.

Our company has proved that and testing with different televisions to see if the result of VCD and SVCD will be the same or different with different televisions.

Decent VCD is good enough for people who really dont care much about quality but SVCD will always look better.

Video Aracde, why dont you post in some sites a sample of your encoded clip in VCD? Perhaps a 10 minute clip?

Just remember though that if u will encode an mpg file that is VCD compliant, then you wont really gain much if u encode it to SVCD.

So for you to actually see the result, try to get a DVD disc then encode the first 10-20 minute clip of it. Then let everyone download it

Then perhaps me or others can encode the same DVD as well, the first 10-20 min and let others see the actual difference.

From there, you will really see how good a SVCD is over VCD because the source is very high (DVD).

Anyhow, mpeg4 is better than both of them. I hope players will come out supporting this format
Old Mar 10, 2002, 09:51 PM
Video_Arcade Video_Arcade is offline
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Already done that one, setup a FTP with guest access and I believe that I will post what vcd helper has posted about XVCD


Note!!! Remember that these are no STANDARDS as VCD and SVCD. And therefore most stand alone DVD Players can't play them without lots of hacking/freezing or not at all, most because of the high bitrate that requires faster CDR/W reading-capabilites in the DVD Player.

XVCD stands for eXtendedVCD and is an extension of VCD 2.0. It tries to use the most power from the chip of the standalone dvd player. Some people speak from a mix between VCD 2.0 and SVCD. XVCD uses like VCD MPEG1 but it is possible to set up the bitrate to 3.5 MBit/s and use a higher resolution. It is impossible to use multi audiostrems for multilanguage or use subtitles.

XSVCD stands for eXtendedSVCD. It tries to use the most power from the chip of the standalone dvd player. Some people speak from a mix between SVCD and DVD. XSVCD uses like SVCD MPEG2 but it is possible to set up the bitrate to 9.8 MBit/s and use a higher resolution. It is possible to use multi audiostrems for multilanguage or use subtitles.

A X(S)VCD can be played on

- Many standalone VCD Players.
- Not so many standalone DVD Players but check here for a compatibility list.
- And of course on all computers with a CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs with a software VCD/MPG Player.


So what I`m producing is nowhere near an XVCD. It`s VAVCD I like to call it

I did have one reply to my FTP experiment which sadly I have lost as I could have posted which basically in so many words was it was the best MPEG 1 encoding that he has ever seen.


Plenty of TMPEG templates of XVCD, SVCD if anyone wants to expirement and get them working so they can be written and played on a DVD.

I have nothing to hide apart from one thing. My method. I can point you to URLs and tools and this that and the other.


Because I tried them all when I first started, like anyone new would do. I know they dont work. My first compliations would only work on a few DVD players. Customer feedback, change this, tweak that.

I would be more than happy for someone to upload a sample of SVCD that they have done.

What you got to remember though, is I`m not shouting my mouth off because I haven`t tried everything because I have, or as much as I can do, there`s probaly techniques out there that I dont know about.

I have tried encoding to SVCD, I have tried putting SVCD onto DVD and using the tools on VCD Helper.

I have both 20" 4:3 and 34" inch W/S TVs I have customers that have above that. So it`s not just my view it`s customer feedback and customers coming back for more.

When I first started, I was doing the God Father Trilogy and spent 60 hours plus trying to get it to work without much joy. I spent hours upon hours upon hours playing and tweaking.

I came a nats todger of quitting because I thought this couldn`t be done. I now have 14 titles and I`m producing more, I`m investing in new titles all the time and you don`t invest money if things do not work.
Old Mar 11, 2002, 01:25 AM
bayag bayag is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: somwehere out there
Posts: 802

Oh f@ck. I have typed a long one and accidentally hit Clear Message Box

Anyhow, i will try to think what i have posted before.

So there I am curious about the quality of VCD you have And would like to have a sample clip of what you've got. a real VCD.

Do you have a movie "What Dreams May Come by Robin Williams?" I would assume u can get a hold of that movie since u sell DVDs. Its the only one I have right now as the other 10 are at my sister's place and cant get them after several weeks.

If u can, encode the first 10-20 minutes of it, in VCD format. U can use any tools you want just dont increase the bitrate because VCD is 1150. Use NTSC of NTSCfilm not PAL. Then I will encode the movie as well using multipass VBR using CCE

Thanks Or if u have a sample of any clip uve got, let me know so I can see a sample of it

For comparison's sake, we can encode the same DVD (same movie and source) to VCD and SVCD, that will tell the difference
Old Mar 11, 2002, 01:51 AM
Video_Arcade Video_Arcade is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: UK
Posts: 3,001

A sort of a challenge,

1) Silly question as your in the states so you probaly have fast modem access, were a bit slow over here for phone communications. If yes then I can let you download a sample.

2) No I haven`t got What Dreams May Come. I have got some taste thank you Last Robin Williams I saw was Patch Adams and walked out about half way through.

3) I only sell my own DVDs I`m not a DVD store But I can possibly rent it, I have to goto the rental place today to get UPTO DATE FILMS so I will see if they have it in stock

4) If I get the film then I would want to do the full movie using my own techniques so that I could put onto DVD format. Tieing up a computer for 10 - 20 mins and then having to tie it up again to do my tricks seems a waste of time.

5) Don`t want much do you? At least the last guy who took a sample from the states had a PAL convertor or something.

I will tell you the two or three films that I have got here that are NTSC as your talking about taking a 25 frame film and then adding 4 extra frames on it.

Charlies Angels
Blair Witch Project 2
End Of Days

Unless of course your going to take a NTSC film and then convert it into PAL for me.

I think your PC should play PAL titles shouldnt it? I know the actual playback on a PC, the quality is dependent upon the monitors and the speed of the playback. I have a IBM and also a Unisys 17" and the Unisys plays better or rather lighter than the IBM.

If USA was PAL rather than NTSC I would be exporting over to the States by now
Old Mar 11, 2002, 10:11 AM
SVCD GUY SVCD GUY is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Massachusetts
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Default SVCD is better ..

Video_arcade ..

You think your VCD's are the same quality as SVCD and you encode only VCD. You probably encode VCD only because you don't know HOW to encode a good SVCD ? I looked at your site - You have ripped 6 movies to VCD - I have ripped over 100 to SVCD .. My list is at ..


You are a beginner - If you had more VCD's you would list them ..

1. VCD is limited to 1150 kb/sec - SVCD can be up to 2500+ kb/sec
2. All my SVCD have the Dolby Digital sound track REMULTIPLEXED as Dolby Pro Logic - Is there surround sound on all your "VCD's" ?? I think not
3. Many people can't tell much difference between VCD and SVCD because their TV is too SMALL OR the SVCD rip is not good because they DON"T KNOW HOW to rip to SVCD because it is more difficult ..

I would take up your challenge - Let's have the two of us send a copy of the SAME movie to an INDEPENDENT person who would evaluate both your VCD copy and my SVCD copy of the same movie. I notice that you have Shrek on your list. Why don't you and I send a copy of Shrek to this person and let them report on this forum on a PICTURE and SOUND quality comparison between the two ?? Whaddya say ?? My Email address is below - Email me if you have the guts to take up this challenge.


the SVCD GUY ...

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