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Old Mar 11, 2002, 11:19 AM
bayag bayag is offline
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: somwehere out there
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Right on SVCD GUY

I just went to DVD2SVCD forum and somebody who browses here posts this topic


Anyways, I can also be a judge and some of the moderators here I guess.

I cant judge it on my pc because I dont see much difference but I will burn it to CD so I can watch it on my TV where it clearly shows the difference in quality.
Old Mar 11, 2002, 01:51 PM
Video_Arcade Video_Arcade is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: UK
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Default 1) Remove the **** screeners I Have

Cat No Title
VCD00001 Shrek
VCD00002 Evolution
VCD00003 Tomb Raider
VCD00004 Fast And The Furious
VCD00005 Jurassic Park 3
VCD00006 Final Fantasy The Spirt Within
VCD00007 Dungeons And Dragons
VCD00008 Cast Away (To Be Ripped By Myself)
VCD00009 Tweenies Animal Friends
VCD00010 Pearl Harbour
VCD00011 The Foresaken
VCD00012 28 Days
VCD00013 The Musketeer
VCD00014 Gone In 60 Seconds
VCD00015 Gunshy
VCD00016 Dr Doolittle 2
VCD00017 Planet Of The Apes 2001
VCD00018 Disneys Hercules
VCD00019 Top Gun
VCD00020 Alien Reserecution
VCD00021 Scream 3
VCD00022 What Women Want
VCD00023 Lake Placid
VCD00024 Crimson Tide
VCD00025 Robocop Directors Cut
VCD00026 Alien
VCD00027 Beverly Hills Cop
VCD00028 Alien 3
VCD00029 Rush Hour 2
VCD00030 Accidental Spy
VCD00031 Swordfish
VCD00032 Austin Powers
VCD00033 The Parole Officer
VCD00034 Bridget Jones Diary
VCD00035 Beverly Hills Cop 2
VCD00036 Rocky
VCD00037 Rocky 2
VCD00038 Rocky 3
VCD00039 Rocky 4
VCD00040 Rocky 5
VCD00041 Startup.Com
VCD00042 The Others
VCD00043 Predator
VCD00044 Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi
VCD00045 Disney`s The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
VCD00046 The X-Files Season 5
VCD00047 Exit Wounds
VCD00048 Gorgeous
VCD00049 The Wizard Of Oz
VCD00050 Back To The Future 2
VCD00051 Back To The Future 3
VCD00052 The Score
VCD00053 Wargames
VCD00054 Fill Me
VCD00055 Lost In Space
VCD00056 Star Trek 2
VCD00057 Star Trek 4 - The Search For Spock
VCD00058 Star Trek Enterprise (Pilot Episode)
VCD00059 Star Trek Generations
VCD00060 Blair Witch Project 2 Camp Blood
VCD00061 The Hole
VCD00062 Save The Last Dance (ON HOLD)
VCD00063 Basket Case
VCD00064 Spy Kids
VCD00065 Charlies Angels (To Rip)
VCD00066 The Watcher
VCD00067 Rambo - First Blood (R1)
VCD00068 Bottom Movie Guest House Paradiso
VCD00069 Disney`s The Kid
VCD00070 The Silence Of The Lambs (Special Edition)
VCD00071 Men Of Honour
VCD00072 Hannibal
VCD00073 The Making Of Hannibal
VCD00074 Porky`s
VCD00075 The Making Of The Silence Of The Lambs
VCD00076 No Tomorrow
VCD00077 Wild Wild West
VCD00078 The Gift
VCD00079 Disney`s 102 Dalmations
VCD00080 Disney`s The Lion King
VCD00081 Disney`s The Lion Ling 2 Simba`s Pride
VCD00082 Disney`s Peter Pan
VCD00083 Disneys Pinicchio
VCD00084 Disney`s A Bugs Life
VCD00085 Disney`s Pocahontas 2
VCD00086 Disney`s The Jungle Book
VCD00087 Disney`s The Lady And The Tramp
VCD00088 Disney`s Dumbo
VCD00089 Friends Series 1
VCD00090 Spy Games
VCD00091 Harry Potter
VCD00092 End Of Days (R1)
VCD00093 Blair Witch Project 2 Book Of Shadows
VCD00094 Friends Series 2
VCD00095 Friends Series 3
VCD00096 Black Adder Series 1
VCD00097 Sopranos Series 2
VCD00098 Captain Scarlet Series
VCD00099 Family Guy
VCD00100 Gone With The Wind
VCD00101 The Thin Red Line (To Rip)
VCD00102 Entrapment (To Rip)
VCD00103 Erin Brocovich (To Rip)
VCD00104 Star Wars - The Phantom Menace (TO RIP)
VCD00105 Road Trip
VCD00106 Cult Kids Classics Vol 2
VCD00107 The Grinch
VCD00108 Rambo - First Blood Part 2 (R1)
VCD00109 The Mummy Returns
VCD00110 Buffy Season 1
VCD00111 Buffy Season 2
VCD00112 South Park Season 1
VCD00113 Along Came A Spider
VCD00114 Family Man
VCD00115 Vertical Limit
VCD00116 Ben Hur
VCD00117 The Burning
VCD00118 Childs Play
VCD00119 Childs Play 2
VCD00120 Bride Of Chucky (R1)
VCD00121 Nightmare On Elm Street (R1)
VCD00122 Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddys Revenge (R1)
VCD00123 Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors (R1)
VCD00124 Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master (R1)
VCD00125 Nightmare On Elm Street 5 The Dream Child (R1)
VCD00126 Freddy`s Dead The Final Nightmare (R1)
VCD00127 Wes Craven`s New Nightmare (R1)
VCD00128 Jack Frost (R1)
VCD00129 The Exocist
VCD00130 The Nostril Picker
VCD00131 Paranoia
VCD00132 The Mutilator
VCD00133 Pyschic Killer
VCD00134 The Deadly Spawn
VCD00135 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
VCD00136 I Spit On Your Grave
VCD00137 Rambo 3 First Blood Part 3 (R1)
VCD00138 Star Wars - A New Hope
VCD00139 Down To Earth
VCD00140 Rush Hour 2
VCD00141 Cats And Dogs (No End Credits)
VCD00142 Westlife - Where Dreams Come True Concert
VCD00143 The Last Castle
VCD00144 A Beautiful Mind
VCD00145 Monster Inc
VCD00146 Lord Of The Rings
VCD00147 The Mangler 2
VCD00148 Soul Surviours
VCD00149 Imposter
VCD00150 The Maze
VCD00151 The Curse Of Jade Scorpion
VCD00152 Jimmy Neutrons Boy Genious
VCD00153 Riding In Cars With Boys
VCD00154 Kate And Leopold
VCD00155 Fill Me
VCD00156 Gale Force
VCD00157 The Royal Tenenbaums
VCD00158 The Others
VCD00159 The Musketeer
VCD00160 Don`t Say A Word
VCD00161 Vanilla Sky
VCD00162 Amelie From Montmartre
VCD00163 How High
VCD00164 Joe Somebody
VCD00165 Not Another Teenage Movie
VCD00166 Ali
VCD00167 The Business Of Strangers
VCD00168 Captain Corelli`s Mandolin
VCD00169 The Longest Day
VCD00170 Laurel And Hardy - Be Big & Laughing Gravey
VCD00171 Bob The Builder
VCD00172 Tweenies Live In Concert
VCD00173 Eminem E
VCD00174 Robbie Williams Swing When Your Winning
VCD00175 Cannibal Ferox
VCD00176 City Of The Living Dead
VCD00177 Madonna Live From Italy Ciao Italia
VCD00178 Carpenters Only Yesterday
VCD00179 Tears For Fears Tears Roll Down (GH 82 - 92)
VCD00180 Queen Live In Budapest
VCD00181 Pet Shop Boys Videography
VCD00182 Michael Jackson History
VCD00183 Madonna The Video Collection 1993 - 1999
VCD00184 Madonna The Immaculate Collection
VCD00185 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Hard On
VCD00186 Boyzone Live At The Point
VCD00187 Meatloaf Story Tellers
VCD00188 Craig David Off The Hook Live At Wembley
VCD00189 Spandau Ballet Live
VCD00190 Queen We Will Rock You
Old Mar 11, 2002, 02:05 PM
Video_Arcade Video_Arcade is offline
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: UK
Posts: 3,001

I have re - opened the FTP for samples port 2960

Login = guest1, guest2, guest3, guest4, and so on until guest10

Password just leave blank

So I take it your producing multiple moves on 1 DVD are you then SVCD ***? Oh sorry Guy but you whine like a *****.

I produce high quality VCDs I dont produce SVCD which is easy enough to produce if you just download DVD2SVCD pretty lame considing it does everything for you, but I guess your mummy still wipes your backside from your little rant.

Unless you have a PAL convertor as your in the states, our picture formats are different, so there is going to be a difference in picture resolution, but I`ll have to write an explanation

USA = NTSC 525 lines 29.7fps
UK = PAL 625 lines 25fps

You are more than welcome to download samples, there`s a few there now.

Oh yes my DVDs contain Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound And Also Anamorphic Widescreen if available.
Old Mar 11, 2002, 02:25 PM
NOVA642 NOVA642 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: uk
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well what do u know, another man SVCD GUY

How cool. SVCD GUY, before knocking someone, why not find out what they've done ? Calling him a beginner.Video Arcade aint a vet for the fun of it. Like he said he's been in it for a while.
On the subject of VCD encoding, video arcades rips ARE TOP QUAILTY, now I MYSELF do vcds , BUT -= AND =- here is the BIG BUT, I DO LIVE captures. Now before you all go running a mile, check out Live Capture.mpg on video arcades ftp, that was done by me, video a has kindly offered to put it up there for you fine people to download. Now, I'll bet nothing to one THAT my vcd (mpeg1 - vcd complient) CAPTURE, beats a hell of alot of vcds out there that where supposidly, RIPPED. Prove me wrong by all means, I'm not saying its better than a top quailty vcd rip, I'm saying its A BLOODY good LIVE CAPTURE and better than alot of vcds out there.
As for vcd being better than svcd, I think only benefit from svcd is that you can have two commentaries. Part from that, if the vcd is done right and I MEAN right, then you can't tell the difference (This is from someone with a 32" Widescreen tv and Video Projector downstairs that projects 100" + images )
Old Mar 11, 2002, 02:53 PM
waet0r waet0r is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2001
Posts: 206

well vid arc, i just checked one of ya samples and i must admit it looked pretty sweet, i have no doubt your a top notch encoder...people are gonna argue about vcd vs svcd all the time..i think its prety much definite that technicaly svcd produces better results than vcd but it obviously depends on the encoder/type of movie/method of encoding...svcds can look terrible if encoded incorrectly and the same with vcd.. i guess it just depends on your needs/views which i think is wat this thread is all about. but when it comes down to it i dont think u could tell the diference between one of vid arcades rips and a standard svcd encode and to be honest most of the svcds ive seen coulda been a lot better, but then again im a bit of a "scene slave" and svcd became standard for that a long time ago, but in doing so they made it so that most encodes are rushed, so dont look so good..

anyways..i prefer divx anyways it owns both IMO but hey, thast anotehr argument altogether...and your askin wat im comparing vid arcades rips too? hmm well my rather humble collection below

Old Mar 11, 2002, 03:05 PM
Borgy Borgy is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: UK
Posts: 2,773


I honestly can't tell the difference between them and my VCDs on my 28" TV

I know it's not the biggest tv in the world but there's no noticable difference i can see.
prob an SVCD done at the highest possible quality on about 3 cds for standard movie then that's a different story but believe me these 2cd svcds are not as good as everyone makes them out!

I say do what you prefer...

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