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  hp 8100 error please help!

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This topic was originally posted in this forum: CD-R & CD-RW
Author Topic:   hp 8100 error please help!
Junior Member
posted 11-12-2000 03:13 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for centaur71     
I keep getting this blue screen with an error everytime i try to access a cd or install a game with the hp 8100 cd-rom.

an exception oe has occurred at 0028:60000000 in vxd scsi1hlp(03) + 00000508. it may be possible to continue normally.

ok this is really foriegn to me so if you have any fixes or comments on this problem please reply it will be much appreciated.

thank you for your time and knowledge since i dont have any.

posted 11-12-2000 03:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hoss     
Ahh come on M8's this is an easy one!
Who can answer this one????

This is a test and only a test the sound you here if this had been an actual.........

posted 11-12-2000 04:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Inertia     
You need to rename the Scsi1hlp.vxd file in the Windows\System\Iosubsys directory to Scsi1hlp.bak. This file is not normally needed and can cause unpredictable burner errors.

posted 11-12-2000 04:29 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hoss     
Nice work M8ty.
How'd I know it might be you!
Congrats you win the booby prize for today.
I'll let you know when I figure out what it is.

Junior Member
posted 11-12-2000 04:58 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for centaur71     
Thank you Inertia! Gee even the simplest things can drive a guy nuts! What would we do without this forum!

Much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

posted 11-12-2000 09:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for DigITaLFix     
I had the exact same prob a few months ago, it was because i had DirectCD & Nero installed on the same system... would renaming that file allow both 2 run @ on the same sys?? thanx.....

Fixin' da Scene
" I find that downloading and burning games is actually more fun than playing them!!"

posted 11-12-2000 06:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Inertia     
Most people can use Nero and Easy CD Creator together if they do the following (Win98):

Hit Start / Run / msconfig / Startup
Uncheck Adaptec DirectCD
Uncheck CreateCD (optional but I recommend it)
Turn off Auto Insert Notification in Device Manager for all CD-ROM drives
Create desktop shortcuts to start DirectCD and Easy CD Creator or use the Start Menu.
Rename the following .vxd files in Windows\System\Iosubsys to:

If you want to use DirectCD, to avoid problems auto insert notification (AIN) should be enabled for the burner. Reboot after enabling it.

If you want to use Nero after using DirectCD, you can use Cntrl-Alt-Del to remove DirectCD. If AIN is on, Nero recommends disabling AIN, so it is better to disable AIN and reboot before using Nero.

Note that disabling DirectCD from loading at startup does not keep it from loading background drivers, so it is still running in the background. What is disabled is the executable shell that provides auto eject among other control functions. See:

In any event, even though it is still in the background, it appears to coexist with Nero if the preceding steps are followed.

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